Buick has prepared a response to the Lexus minivan: luxury GL8 became a four

Buick has prepared a response to the Lexus minivan: luxury GL8 became a four


There are details of the restyled monocab American brand in the top version of Avenir. This van was transformed, inside and out. But the motor is strangled.

The minivan Buick GL8 is sold only in China, the issue is established at the local plant, the joint venture corporations General Motors and SAIC. The current model, the third generation debuted there in 2016 – that is, it was time restyling. By the way, the “second” MPV still in formation, moreover, it is also updated. The appearance of upgraded vans opened back in the fall of 2019, their pictures made in the database of the Ministry of industry of the PRC. Then the certification body lit up and updated top version of the “third” GL8 – Avenir, but it was only a “fragmentary” photo. Now came the individual shots as well as the most luxurious minivan Buick.

So, externally, the redesigned GL8 Avenir is almost completely identical to its forerunner, the eponymous concept, which debuted last spring in Shanghai. That’s just the bumpers and exterior mirror housings made by others. As standard the updated “third” MPV length luxurious option equal 5219 mm, 16 mm more than in the previous GL8 Avenir and “just” GL8. The wheelbase has not changed – 3088 mm.

According to previously published spy photos, the interior of the van is also made based on the prototype: touchscreen multimedia system combined with the new “tidy” (devices, of course, virtual). Features GL8 Avenir – more expensive finishing materials. And most importantly – in the documents of the Ministry of industry stated that, as last year’s concept, the serial luxury MPV now has four salon (pre-reform GL8 Avenir is available only in seven-seater version, the seats are built under the scheme 2+2+3).

The rear seats VIP version probably has its own electric, massager and retractable running boards. Even second-row passengers will certainly be available tablets (built-in front seat). But partition, like van LM Lexus, the Buick hardly got.


The engine is the same as the standard GL8 updated: former petrol “turboservice” 2.0, but its impact for the whole family, cut down from 260 to 230 HP Dorestaylingovyh vans are equipped with the Buick six-speed “automatic”, the same box is likely to have moved and upgraded machines. All-wheel drive GL8 in principle not allowed – only the front.

Chinese media believe that the price quadruple GL8 Avenir will not exceed 600,000 yuan ($85 700). The seven-seater luxury van, perhaps from sales does not disappear, in this case it would be cheaper. Pre-reform three-row GL8 Avenir today is 449 900 yuan ($64 200), still “just” GL8 third generation – from 289 900 yuan ($41 400). Well, for comparison, the prices of imported hybrid minivan Lexus LM model (collected in Japan): a seven-seat version is from 1 166 000 yuan ($166 500) this option will cost at least 1 466 000 yuan ($209 350).

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