Buick is working on an electric SUV in the style of the Mustang Mach-E

Buick is working on an electric SUV in the style of the Mustang Mach-E


Buick appears to be in the electrification game because according to a recent leak, the brand has registered the Electra trademark in Canada and plans to launch an electric SUV.

Buick hinted at joining the EV segment more than a year later when they unveiled the Electra concept in China. Buick is a fairly respected car brand in this country and the concept has generated keen interest from both the local media and the public. Buick wanted us to know that the concept is “a quick look at Buick’s vision for a new smart electric future.”

In truth, the Buick Electra concept introduced a wild, futuristic design with crazy doors and dashboard that will envy Tesla fans. The proportions hint that the next Electra will be an SUV, possibly a coupe. Of course, Electra will be powered by GM’s Ultium technology, which is said to cut cobalt use by 70%.

Since then, no rumors have surfaced about a future Buick electric model (or models for that matter) until a trademark application for the Buick Electra was filed in Canada on December 20. This could mean that Buick is ready to launch an electric car in North America. A more mature concept than the design of China’s Electra could be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

Meanwhile, some time ago, as part of the presentation of the future multimedia platform GM Ultifi, the company showed a Mustang Mach-E model with the Buick logo on the back. The video also showed the model’s salon. And it should be noted, it all looked production-ready. It remains to be patient and wait for Buick to officially present its new product.

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