Buick Velite 6 with a flow rate of 1.4 per hundred

Buick Velite 6 with a flow rate of 1.4 per hundred


While General Motors only threatens those that will conquer the markets of America and Europe, free electric cars, in China he has already moved in this direction. So much so that now taking steps in the opposite direction. Thus, the electric vehicle Buick Velite 6 this month will be a rechargeable hybrid.

In fact, a hybrid version was announced back in the spring of 2018, however, a purely electrical modifications went on sale early. Those two, with the batteries 35, or 52.5 per kilowatt-hour. The latter rides on a single charge up to 410 kilometers on obsolete cycle NEDC.


Finally, this month will start selling a hybrid. The car can also be charged from an outlet, but battery LG will only last for 60 kilometers. Then it comes in 1.5-liter petrol engine, which consumes the remaining 40 kilometers 1.4 liters of fuel, which allows the automaker to claim that the machine spends 100 kilometers.

General reserve at a fully loaded and fueled Velite 6 PHEV reaches 780 kilometers.

Currently, under the brand name Buick GM sells in China hybrid Velite 5, which is a copy of the Chevrolet Volt, an electric car Velite 6, and also plans to sell an electric crossover Velite 7.

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