Bulgarian company presented track electronuclear without a roof and doors

Bulgarian company presented track electronuclear without a roof and doors


Bulgarian firm Kinetik Automotive involved in prototyping and building sports cars, unveiled its debut work – electric Speedster Kinetik 07 chassis Caterham. Premiere of open track car took place at a special event in the capital of Bulgaria Sofia.

Kinetik 07 – classic Speedster with tiny windshields for driver and passenger and a massive protective arcs behind the seats. The basis of the sports car was the lightweight chassis of the British brand Caterham, which is building a copy of a Lotus Seven. With 90 percent of components Kinetik is still completely original, including printed on a 3D printer body panels. Sports car is focused on track while certified and for normal roads.

The movement Kinetik 07 results electric power plant with a capacity of 644 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. The reserve is still unknown; acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour sports car takes 2.7 seconds. According to the founder of Kinetik Automotive Theodosia Teodosieva, ride 07 – it’s like “to exist in another world where the laws of physics.” “Usually the dynamics of a two-dimensional concept, but in the case of Kinetik there are several dimensions”.


Advantage believes Kinetik Automotive software platform, which is wholly created inside the company. Configure the on-Board system, electric cars can be set for each individual customer and to personalize the interface. Graphics on the instrument panel 07 changes depending on the selected driving mode and provides only the most important information: the track is the calculation of the lap time, maximum speed and the performance of the power plant, and at the usual time – the estimated range and battery charge.

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The Kinetik Automotive plans to enter the US market. First, presumably, will be California, where the firm wants to obtain the status of small-scale producers. The company then intends to open an office in Monaco.

As you electric Speedster Kinetik 07?

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