Bureau Brabus has offered two packages to the hatch Mercedes-AMG A 35

Bureau Brabus has offered two packages to the hatch Mercedes-AMG A 35


Set to “warm up” the engine PowerXtra B 35 will cost 2368 euros, and the package B35S — in 3201. Rims Monoblock Liquid T Anthracite tyre Pirelli P Zero 235/35 R19 dimensions are more expensive — 4046 euros.


Pyatidverka Mercedes-AMG 4Matic 35 A little disappointed, because of the two-liter turbochetverki M260 manufacturer squeezed only 306 HP, 400 N•m. Studio Brabus prepared to solve this problem, two tuning kits. First — PowerXtra B35, which optimizes the electronics to control the injection and ignition and increases boost pressure. The result is 350 HP, 460 N•m. If this is not enough, comes to the aid package PowerXtra + B35S, generating by the system for the issuance of additional 15 forces. Disperse hundreds with such a charge is not a 4.7 and a 4.4. Of course, the 365 HP is still far from the capabilities of the “hot” version of the Mercedes-AMG A 45, but a challenge to surpass it and not posed.

Sport exhaust” stainless steel comes either with standard nozzles from A 35, or with four pads, made of stainless steel mixed with carbon fiber. They integrate in the normal apron, and you can order them without having to reconfigure the engine.

The interior package costs € 1375. Separately sold accessories too: velour floor mats under your feet — a 201 euros, aluminium pedal pads — 249, illuminated — 832. Leather and Alcantara in different colors — in stock.

The program a seven-step “robot” AMG SpeedShift specialists from Bottrop did not intervene, but put your Brabus shift paddles Race, covered with aluminum. Pro kit said little. Two-piece splitter attaches to the factory front bumper, new rear wing on the roof replaces the rear spoiler. The project B35S will be “alive” is presented to the public on 10 September at the motor show in Frankfurt. Note, we have option a 35, not sold in Germany, he “starts” with 47 796 Euro).

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