But offroad on a new Tesla

But offroad on a new Tesla


The company Tesla has released another update of their top models S and X. In particular, this affected the control of pneumatic suspension, which is installed on these machines.

In fact, the driver and used to be able to increase ground clearance through air suspension. Now this feature is extended. If earlier after some time, the suspension is automatically lowered to the standard position, but now the driver can lock it in the raised position and the machine will keep the high clearance at least until a certain threshold speed.


This algorithm, however, can be considered normal for most cars with air suspension. However, the Tesla engineers invented and distinctive feature. Now the electric vehicle can be configured so that when entering a certain area, it will automatically increase its ground clearance. For example, when you enter a holiday village with a dirt road the car will automatically rise.

It is important to explain that any air suspension increasing ride height is by a price reduction of the compression stroke. In other words, in the upper position of the suspension, the ride deteriorates significantly. This is typical of all cars with this chassis, not only for electric cars.

Younger models 3 and Y with the usual spring update, of course, not touched.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of the Tesla Model 3 from Long Range team InfoCar.ua:

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