Buy used car loan, you can pay from 64 UAH. a day


Buying a car on credit was previously only available to customers of car dealerships offering new cars. AIS once again broke the rules and stereotypes of the market and made the purchase BU auto loan available, easy and mass. More than 60% of sales of used cars in AIS occurs with credit transactions. The conditions and rates in most cases even cheaper than when buying new cars, and the share of positive decisions of the banks exceeds 90%, despite the fact that the list of necessary documents for the loan are minimal.

For example, the minimum daily payments when buying on credit, depending on the model chosen, the first payment and the loan term is*:

KIA MORNING – 64 UAH. a day.

CHEVROLET CRUZE – from 69 UAH. a day.

KIA RIO – from 73 UAH. a day.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA – from 73 UAH. a day.

FORD FOCUS – from 78 UAH. a day.

HYUNDAI ELANTRA – from 79 UAH. a day.

HONDA CRV – from 85 UAH. a day.

MAZDA 3 – 92 from UAH. a day.

HYUNDAI TUCSON – from 97 UAH. a day.

VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN – from 101 UAH. a day.

KIA SPORTAGE – from 121 UAH. a day.

All of the above car – self import from Korea and USA. The offer cars 2009-2017 model year, with mileage 41 thousand km up to 250 thousand km with both petrol and diesel engines. All cars with automatic transmission and only with a rich optional equipment. Among other benefits of buying used cars in AIS, which is not offered by any company:

1) the Minimum contribution required for the purchase starts with 10%, which makes the purchase of a car affordable for a wide range of motorists.

2) Some of the most affordable prices among cars with the same set and year of release! Price range is from 210 thousand UAH. to 550 thousand UAH.

3) the largest stock of used cars in Ukraine.

4) a number of credit programs of banks like Bank, globe, Oschadbank.

Credit conditions one of the best on the market, the client has the possibility to choose between numerous credit proposals. The detailed terms of lending you can check on the websites of partner banks. In shopping centers AIS it is possible to obtain the calculations of payments and to apply for a loan.

5) Have the opportunity to purchase at trade-in (exchange your used car at we offer), but buyers legal persons receive a full refund.

All cars cleared, certified and available to buy in shopping centers AIS throughout Ukraine. Note that AIS buys used cars only from official representatives of manufacturers in good to excellent condition.

All vehicles available for test drive.

Learn more about the offered vehicles and terms of acquisition by phone 0800-50-79-50 (free from landline and mobile phones within Ukraine) or on the AIS website Autotrade.

* Lending services are carried out by partner banks licensed by the NBU. More detailed information about the partners and the conditions of lending programs, check with the Seller or online banks:,, The amount of the loan payment are based on the minimum value of the car as 01.07.2020 G., the first payment of 50% and a loan term of 7 years.

** Are the minimum and maximum price per unit as at July 01, 2020. Depending on the selected vehicle prices may vary in accordance with the year of manufacture, mileage and equipment. Prices change daily based on changes in foreign exchange rates purchase. For full details please contact the seller.

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