By “hype”: the sale of the Porsche Taycan for six months

By “hype”: the sale of the Porsche Taycan for six months


German automaker Porsche has revealed the sales results for its first mass electric vehicle Taycan for the first half of 2020. Worldwide sold a total of 4480 of these machines.

For a niche brand that is Porsche, this result does not seem bad. However, initially, the company expected to produce 20 thousand electric cars annually, and later made the decision to expand the production: it was rumored that the amount will be doubled.


However, such a weak start and there are objective reasons. First, unlike Tesla, most cars are sold the traditional way through the dealerships, many of which in the days of the pandemic coronavirus was simply closed.

Secondly, Porsche began selling Taycan with the most expensive modifications, presenting the basic rear-wheel drive version recently and then only in the Chinese market. It is obvious that the sale of the car still has not earned in full force.

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