By Toyota to the South Pole in 40 hours. That’s a record!

By Toyota to the South Pole in 40 hours. That’s a record!


Polar explorer Jason de Carteret set a Guinness World Record for the Fastest Overland Travel to the South Pole. Driving a modified Toyota Tacoma, he traveled 1113 kilometers across Antarctica in 39 hours and 54 minutes. To cope with the harsh conditions, the engineers had to seriously modify the pickup, which was dubbed the Polar Expedition Concept or Polar TRV.

Polar TRV was developed in record time on the basis of the production Toyota Tacoma pickup 2010 model year. Engineers needed to create a car in a year that could reach the South Pole in a minimum amount of time. Tuners from the Icelandic studio Arctic Trucks were involved in the finalization of the car. The specialists completely rebuilt the body and chassis, as well as modified the suspension, installed reinforced shock absorbers and massive tires. In addition, the truck was equipped with a 1,500 liter fuel tank, racing seats and an insulated cab with a metal roll cage.

The tuned Tacoma was powered by a turbocharged four-liter TRD engine with 380 horsepower. In addition, the unit was equipped with a heating system. The engineers spent $ 400,000 on the modification of the “Antarctic” pickup.

Numerous improvements allowed Polar TRV to travel 1113 kilometers from the Patriot Hills camp to the South Pole in 39 hours and 54 minutes in 2011, setting a new Guinness World Record.

In mid-October, the Valkyrie Racing team presented an all-terrain vehicle based on the 1956 Porsche 356A. With the help of a modified car equipped with tracks and skis, the athletes planned to travel 600 kilometers across Antarctica.

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