BYD denies the possibility of cooperation with Tesla

BYD denies the possibility of cooperation with Tesla


China’s richest car manufacturer denies recent rumors of a partnership with US Tesla, reports.

Recall that earlier information surfaced that BYD is preparing to supply its lithium-iron phosphate Blade Battery, which were independently developed by the Chinese. Then he was assured that this decision was made in connection with the preparation for the production of a promising budget electric hatch, known in the media as Tesla Model 2.

CATL is currently the main battery supplier for Chinese Tesla. The choice of BYD as a new supplier for the budget model could be driven by a slightly lower price compared to CATL products. In addition, according to rumors, the possibility of introducing the Blade Battery on the Model Y electric crossover was considered.

However, now BYD has officially denied the speculation of journalists based on Musk’s statement, who at the second quarterly meeting promised to transfer all Tesla to lithium-iron phosphate components, which prompted many to speculate about the possible cooperation of the two giants.

Note that BYD has already slightly overtaken Tesla in these indicators. Some time ago, the brand managed to transfer its entire line of battery cars to these same lithium-iron phosphate Blade Batteries, and the brand’s representative office promised to supply them to third-party manufacturers.

Nevertheless, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y manufactured by Giga Shanghai also have such batteries, but from direct competitors of BYD in the face of CATL.

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