BYD goes premium!

BYD goes premium!


Experts suggest that the celestial automaker is creating a separate brand for its new “marine” family of cars.

Chinese media write that in the first quarter of 2023, the BYD brand is launching a new sub-brand. Moreover, at first the automaker was going to present the subsidiary company in 2022, but the deadline was decided to be postponed.

What name the announced sub-brand will receive is not reported, but it is known that it will produce hybrids and electric cars. And not for the mass market, but premium. It is possible that the logo of the new sub-brand will be worn by electric cars from the newest “marine” line, the firstborn of which was BYD Dolphin.

All future models will receive a proprietary modular BYD e3.0 platform. In the meantime, premium cars will carry BYD logos. So, at the end of the year, the debut of a mysterious electric car with a price tag of 5.7-9.1 million rubles is scheduled. This price is considered high even by Western standards.

This year, the Chinese automaker has set a goal to sell about 600,000 electrified cars.

For the next year, a much more ambitious figure is called – 1.5 million environmentally friendly cars.

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