BYD is multiplying: the company has registered five new trademarks

BYD is multiplying: the company has registered five new trademarks


The patented names include Cruiser, Frigate, Lander, Destroyer and Battleship, which will usher in a new family.

China’s richest car brand has registered new names for its vehicles. Apparently, BYD is preparing a new line of vehicles named after warships.

Thus, now there are two families in the manufacturer’s cage: Dynasty and Ocean. However, now, apparently, a third line is being prepared. And so, the range of brand names was replenished with names such as Cruiser, Frigate, Lander, Destroyer and Battleship. All of them, as you might guess, designate various warships.

It is definitely known that cars with these trademarks will not become part of the Ocean series, since the names of various marine life have already been reserved for it, the firstborn of which was the Dolphin hatch. It can be assumed that brutal crossovers will be hidden behind all sorts of “frigates”.

Recall that recently BYD announced a promising electric sedan Ocean X on the latest platform e – Platform 3.0. Obviously, it is she who will underlie the “ships”. This architecture, which is very proud of the company, can potentially provide up to 1,000 kilometers. Unfortunately, the range has not yet been announced for the new concept, but it is possible that it could be more than 500 km. The Ocean X is powered by a single 367 horsepower electric motor that accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in a fantastic 2.9 seconds.

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