Byton showed the interior of their new electric SUV M-Byte

Byton showed the interior of their new electric SUV M-Byte

Chinese startup EV Byton published new photos showing high-tech digital cockpit first production model – a crossover M-Byte.

Compared to the previous image, shown at CES earlier this year, a new, more detailed, and demonstrate other key features in addition to the round dashboard, which got a huge diagonal of 48 inches.

Here you can also see two screens: a 7 inch tablet for the driver surrounded by physical buttons installed in the center of the steering wheel, and an 8-inch Central touch panel Byton located between the front seats. The first is one of the main interfaces that a driver can use to configure the vehicle and interaction with the 48-inch Central display. On the wheel there is a button “Home” to manage and switch up/down to switch between screens. Fortunately, the screen does not rotate with the wheel.

As for the 8-inch touchpad in the centre armrest, it gives the passenger the ability to control a Central panel SED, and also has controls for the climate control and seats. Also on Board there are entertainment screens for rear passengers who also share content with SED.

“The interior of our new crossover Byton M-Byte creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere similar to living high class. Just remember that you are actually driving,” reads the announcement.