Cadillac Escalade – exceptionally American values

Cadillac Escalade – exceptionally American values


Yes, it is so huge that somewhere in the yards can be stuck forever. Yes, the interior of this SUV a lot of claims. Yes, Cadillac officially in Ukraine is not for sale. But… what’s the difference…

V-shaped “eight” 6.2 issuing 425 “horses”, confidently propels this three-ton car frame to the first 100 km/h in just 6.2 s. Even the discs 22 size it’s relatively comfortable, and from the point of view of controllability Escalade is better than Toyota Land Cruiser 200. This SUV (for some reason) even the lower number is! In case the owner happens to the clouding of the mind and he wants to do serious attacks on besboro on this tank.

In addition to the classic story of how the SUV rides on asphalt and beyond, as well as how you feel the driver and passengers of this car, you learn something else. For example, on an equitable and self-imposed stereotypes about the ownership Escalada. The history of the SUV, and recently presented its new generation. How they managed to bring such truck-SUV to Ukraine directly from the Hawaiian Islands. Oh, and more about the possibility to squeeze out of this engine of 600 horses. In case a meager 425-ti you is not enough.

Read more in our review. Pleasant viewing!

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