Cadillac Escalade new teach yourself to adjust

Cadillac Escalade new teach yourself to adjust


Cadillac talked about updating the trace of an autopilot for Super Cruise. Starting this year, the system will learn to automatically change lanes, and to more accurately control the speed and movement of the wheel. First, an improved version of the cruise control will be equipped sedans CT4 and CT5, then it will appear on the new Escalade.

Highway autopilot for Super Cruise allows you to move in a mode “hands-free” on certain highways. However, now the system will be able to be reconstructed from one lane to another, following the instructions of the driver. To activate the new function, it is dostoyano will enable the turn signal, then the electronics itself will choose the moment to maneuver.

To extend the functionality had to update the aft sensor, and to rewrite the algorithms of semi-Autonomous driving system. And as before, it relies on the topographic data obtained from lidar, GPS, and a set of cameras and sensors.


On each stage of the rebuild misleading tooltips on the dashboard. For example, there is displayed the current status of the system and a warning stating that the lane change – in this case, the driver should take the controls.

In addition to the automatic lane change, the engineers improved the Super Cruise in bends and at junctions; updated FOR controlling the speed and adjusts the steering wheel; simplified and made more clear the process of activating the system.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the autopilot, in September 2017 Cadillac sent a small group of journalists and shareholders of the company in a rally from new York to Los Angeles. Part of the route, the car drove without intervention of the driver.

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