Cadillac InnerSpace: TV instead of windshield and slippers instead of pedals


Cadillac unveiled the InnerSpace luxury concept car at the CES Consumer Electronics Show. The car represents the American brand’s vision for personal autonomous mobility of the future. The concept is, of course, completely electric, there is not a single control in the cabin: everything happens due to an intelligent autopilot system. The two-seater prototype joins the portfolio of Cadillac Halo concepts designed to show that the car can be more than just a means of transportation, but also a luxury item that can enhance the level of comfort and well-being.

The philosophy of this concept is based on the idea that a person can use the time on the road in order to relax, and not strain even more, following the road. Full autonomy allows the driver to relieve himself of the need to drive a car, and a set of modern assistants and technologies is designed to help maximize relaxation and rest during the trip.

Through the use of biometrics and machine learning, Halo concepts can offer everyone a truly personalized ride experience. Cadillac noted that in addition to the entertainment component, the car will also help for health purposes. Instead of a windshield, the electric car has a giant curved screen, and in the place where the pedals are usually located, the concept has a special compartment with house slippers.

For a more comfortable fit, the roof opens with the doors, and the separate seats slide out towards the passenger. In addition, using Ultium Platform technology, the batteries are distributed along the entire length of the body rather than being concentrated in one place. This allowed for a lower and sportier position of the car, and it also helped to maximize the interior space in the cabin.

So far, Cadillac’s portfolio includes only one serial electric vehicle – the Lyriq crossover with a 340-horsepower electric motor and a range of up to 480 kilometers. The production version was presented in April 2021, and orders began in mid-September. The entire run of cars was booked in just 19 minutes.

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