Cadillac Lyriq will be cheaper than the competitors!

Cadillac Lyriq will be cheaper than the competitors!


The first production electric car company Cadillac – Lyriq – will cost less than 60,000 dollars, that is cheaper than many competitors. This was announced by the President of the brand Steve Carlisle.

For comparison, the cost of the nearest competitor Cadillac – Tesla Model X in the U.S. starts with 79 990 USD, and the base Audi e-tron is 67 $ 300. Closest to the Lyriq minimum price Jaguar electric I-Pace, which is 62 $ 350.

During the conference, the financial holding company J. P. Morgan Carlisle said that the price tag for Lyriq put up with an eye on the average cost of a “midsize luxury crossover”, and will try not to do too high. Exact numbers head Cadillac is not named, but mentioned that the cost of the electric car will not start nor seven, nor six.

Cadillac Lyriq, built on a new platform General Motors, was presented last week. Crossover kupeobrazny silhouette and futuristic design is equipped with a battery Ultium with a low content of rare earth cobalt. Battery with a capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours gives the crossover a range of 483 kilometers, 82 kilometers less than most “long-range” Tesla Model X – Long Range Plus.


Power and dynamic performance Lyriq mark keeps a secret. It is known that the crossover will be offered with front-and all-wheel drive. In the second case, the power plant will include two electric motors, one for each axis.

In the cabin Lyriq installed 33-inch screen, capable of displaying over a billion colors and responsible for both the instrument panel, multimedia system and GPS Navigator. Tip the navigation and speed are duplicated on the projection display.

According to preliminary data, the Assembly Cadillac Lyriq will establish in 2021. When the model appears on the market, is still unknown.

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