Cadillac revealed a new teaser of the electric vehicle Lyriq

Cadillac revealed a new teaser of the electric vehicle Lyriq


Cadillac continues to stir interest in her first serial electrocar Lyriq. In anticipation of the premiere, which will take place during the online presentation August 6, the company released a new teaser.

The image shows the charging port of the electric vehicle, located at the front left side of the body under-dash-lid unusual shape. To access the port it needs to be pushed to the side of the wheel by pressing the button at the top. Also on the teaser lit semispecies rims with intricate designs.

Cadillac Lyriq built on a scalable platform of General Motors, designed specifically for electric vehicles. Crossover will complement a set of batteries Ultium capacity from 50 to 200 kilowatt-hours, which work under the voltage of 400 or 800 volts and supports charging power up to 350 kW.


In the cabin of the electric vehicle will install 33-inch display, is divided into zones responsible for the instrument panel, multimedia system and GPS Navigator. Will be able to display single pictures, but only while stopped or charging. Display Lyriq will be the largest screen installed on a production car.

Earlier, General Motors announced the models which is going to bring to market by 2023. Just to the lineup of the group will be joined by 20 new products, while at least five of them will be released under the brand Cadillac. We are talking about Lyriq’s new three-row family crossover, the elektrowerke XT4 and Escalade as well as flagship “green” line called Celestiq.

Famous titles which can be received by two of the future novelties – Symboliq and Optiq. Last week, General Motors has patented these names in the patent and trademark office.

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