Cadillac sedans lost their semi-autopilot

Cadillac sedans lost their semi-autopilot


Cadillac continues to experience difficulties due to supply disruptions to microelectronics. Just the other day it became known that the X4, X5 and X6 crossovers are produced without parking sensors, and now the forced simplification has reached sedans. According to GM Authority, the 2022 CT4 or CT5 have lost their signature Super Cruise semi-pilot: although the system is still available in the configurator, sedans cannot be ordered with it.

Super Cruise on-board autopilot uses onboard cameras and sensors, as well as topographic data from lidar and GPS. It allows you to take your hands off the steering wheel on highways, but the driver must constantly monitor the road and be ready to take over. Last year, the system learned to independently rebuild at the request of the driver – for this you just need to turn on the corresponding turn signal.

These are not the first Cadillac models to temporarily abandon Super Cruise. In the fall, the Cadillac Escalade SUV was no longer equipped with a semi-autopilot. In both cases, the shortage of chips is to blame: due to supply problems, the American company simply does not have enough components to equip cars with “sophisticated” electronics. However, the parking sensors have been left for the models so far, unlike the X4, X5 and X6.

At the same time, General Motors is working on an improved version of the autopilot – Ultra Cruise, capable of self-driving in 95 percent of scenarios. It is planned to hit Cadillac models in 2023 and will allow you to get your hands off the wheel on the 3.2 million kilometers of US and Canadian roads.

Many automakers are forced by the lack of parts not only to simplify equipment, but also to adjust production volumes. So, according to the calculations of The Telegraph, in 2021, the global auto industry will in total not produce 9.6 million planned cars. The deficit hit hardest of all on European companies, which by the end of the year will miss three million copies.

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