Cadillac starts the serial production of sedan CT5, CTS manufacturing collapses

Cadillac starts the serial production of sedan CT5, CTS manufacturing collapses

Production American sedan of business-class, Cadillac CTS, ceased after 16 years in the beginning. The representative of the company of Cadillac Tara cunén confirmed the news on his official page in the social.networks.

Cadillac introduced a luxury sedan of business-class CTS in 2003, showing this car its new design style of the brand. A year later, Cadillac introduced the first version of the high-performance CTS-V, which was equipped with a 400-horsepower 5.7-liter V8. The second generation model received a more aggressive appearance, both inside and outside. CTS second generation also brought with it a CTS-V the second generation in three body styles – sedan, coupe and wagon. Also came the familiar 6.2-liter V8 supercharged. The third and last generation debuted in 2014 with a new design, but one body type – sedan.

Cadillac did not find a receiver for CTS. The current model CT5 and CT6 will be positioned as other, a separate model.

And Cadillac will not disappoint fans of powerful machines the company already offers a CT6-V, with its 4.2-liter twin turbo V8 under the name of Blackwing with a capacity of 550 horsepower. The American luxury brand is also preparing a more powerful version of the sedan CT5.

Always sad when a model finishes production. For over ten years, CTS has been a beacon for American luxury sedans, and this car, which often tried to compete with the analogues of their German rivals – sometimes it is pretty good. But at least Cadillac still believes in the market of sedans.

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