Cadillac was surprised by the huge screen

Cadillac was surprised by the huge screen


Cadillac shared a photo of the huge screen, created for the first electric car company crossover Lyriq. One-piece curved display with a diagonal of 33 inches will be divided into three zones that flow smoothly into one another.

The area to the left of the steering wheel is reserved for notifications, control lighting and screen settings. Behind the wheel will be located a virtual instrument panel, and the area to the right is a navigation and multimedia system. Cadillac left the ability to output a single image for a screen width of about 90 centimetres: this function is available while stopped or charging Lyriq.

The notice left the cart warns that to the destination drive without recharging. In the center of the specified speed, distance and travel time to the target, and the Navigator on the right shows information about the nearest charging station and proposes to add it to the route.


According to the head of the design Department of General Motors bill Thomson, the screen Lyriq became the next evolution of display, which debuted in February on the new Escalade. The SUV received a 38-inch screen, but not solid – it consists of three monitors, located on two levels.

Lyriq single display will be the largest screen installed on a production car. Previously, the Chinese startup Byton announced a 48-inch display for electrocreaser M-Byte, however, due to financial difficulties the company had to suspend operations.

Cadillac Lyriq will present the online presentation 6 August 2020. Crossover is based on a new scalable platform, General Motors and comes with a battery Ultium capacity from 50 to 200 kilowatt-hours.

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