California’s Most Insane HyperCar Meet!!

California’s Most Insane HyperCar Meet!!


This is the biggest hypercar meet I’ve ever seen – the Cars & Copters at Huntingon Beach, California.Follow me Royal Suite:Supercar Rental:Music by:Music Waves – MBBMusic Luvly – Joakim Karud

what’s up guys it’s super comfy and I am in LA with this touchdown and I have the most amazing suite to show you I’ve just checked into the Intercontinental here in Beverly Hills and this is the Royals being treated like an absolute rockstar this is always this view is right on to Fox Studios this is where all the action takes place that’s what the studio’s right there I don’t even know what to do at this motel room I mean look at this space this is what what do you do with this space then we’ve got like a little fireplace going here oh my god I can invite like everyone I know just to sit on these couches this is awesome oh my god cakes made specially for us oh my god I love you guys what a surprise we’re just met with the butler he’s like would you like any I sprung up to the room immediately I said sure why not I have no idea what I’m gonna do with it yet but I thought if they’re gonna offer it I’m gonna take it and it’s bringing up a kettle because I drink a lot of tea I like these ones these are digital and then around here with a bedroom and then yeah it keeps going guys this is massive gorgeous bathroom isn’t hers which I love means we don’t need to get in each other’s way and then this is like the best bit of the entire fun looking out onto the Hollywood sign so because of the light at the moments in the shade so it’s not that easy to see we’ve got a walk-in wardrobe throw a massive party here yeah just in the wardrobe alone oh yeah yeah we’re gonna have to make some friends so we can invite around yeah not waste the space yeah do not many TVs are in here and you know what’s about to happen we’re getting an Aventador delivered and I went to door road stops I’ve got an Aventador roadster we’re staying in the Royal Suite and Beverly Hills into Khanna I am blown away babe nobody’s gonna be so excited I’ve got drunk away comps in the kitchen I don’t know what it is with Nick but he loves drinking coffee out of a takeaway cup boom I’ve got the best news they’ve got takeaway cups for coffee yes in the kitchen yes I know come look oh sweet that’s awesome isn’t that cool like just the little things right but the coolest is drinking the takeaway Cup looking over Fox Studios oh yeah I mean just looking down on them yeah just going huh black-and-white is here with the car they know I like my cuts I think I’ve got a feed to choose from that’s pretty cool yeah but this final lastest all year I think we’re good I think we’re good to go yeah that’s awesome I hear the cool thing is to leave me yeah a lot of people like to be the worst offender mess and just leave it on how’s it look yeah awesome tiny bits 20:17 only going brand new browser got 2,400 miles on it awesome these rims no scratches that’s pretty impressive you know you can really see how badly damaged some rental cars are because people just don’t care about them but so that’s why I’m so super surprised like all right taking the roof off the cool thing is is that once you remove the roof there’s like a compartment here in the boot got to put them in like the right way oh yeah for an attorney big out are you ready I’m ready are you ready yeah talking off we go it’s never made in one of these ferries give you some you elope chosen so this is David’s a newest Ferrari in his collection the 812 super fast and he’s got it in a super special color this silver color that not many of us have seen before so this is just awesome so the two of us are gonna head now to Huntington Beach to the cars and copters event and we’re gonna check out some of the most amazing cars the lineup there is insane not waiving elderly to support the local Huntington Beach Police Department so this is the are you registered yeah I say [ __ ] all of us are gonna go register so this is like the biggest car vent I’ve been to like the scale of the cars here it’s just like I’ve never seen before I get nervous I’m gonna have to go to these events because there’s what to expect you don’t get these in Dubai is out there in real life applause just not this many people kinda crazy about a week holidays okay just signed their box yeah okay nice to meet you yeah I love him all the way from Michigan we were trying to like buy like wow congratulations to you guys Tracey lycĂ©e she dropped the phone out of a Pagani and she became world famous Oh May 20th guitar shows in memory of all of all the proceeds are benefiting his foundation which is all for charity and what’s going on here sorry if any of you guys interested registering your car and helping Paul Walker’s charity there please do it’s gonna be made 23 May 2000 meter long story thank you I’m with Cody Walker and David lien and Cody is actually running a car event on the May 20th from where college of the canyons in Santa Clarita on May 20th from 10 to 3 and it’s gonna cope bogus charity reach out with my story at those games so you see a bit of fighting okay so this is the last call that show he is yes definitely this was his last masterpiece yeah when he finished he didn’t want to talk to Dustin’s master yeah they sign in volunteer it is stuff what he did he signed the card this is the only Shelby that he ever had a citron awesome that’s cool minutes down you like this to my mind I’ve never been to I’m more insane carving before my lighter I think I need to come to LA more often I wanna hear the engine oh it’s great come on guys come on what’s going on nine nine eight nine nine nine eight thank you screwed up quick thank you screen John Wow okay look let’s do a story yeah crank you I love you guys wow what a big day for me raising thank you so much please like and subscribe and hopefully we can get to a million followers on YouTube as well yes thanks guys love you

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