“Call me, call me”: on sale the most insane hot rod

“Call me, call me”: on sale the most insane hot rod


On German eBay there was an announcement about selling the hot rod Ford with cab in the form of a phone booth. Now the car is asking 119 000 euros, while in 2016, the initial auction price was about 29 000 dollars.

It is known that Telephone Rod built in the late 1970s, canadian customizers Jerry Nisom. After the debut at the Canadian international auto show the car is often seen at various North American exhibitions, and in 1981 it was exhibited at the motor show in Essen, Germany. There hot rod I bought one of the local collectors. When in 2016 he died, the car was sold.


The new owner decided to turn the Telephone Rod on a running show car, although all his life hot rod was the usual exhibition layout. Now the car is equipped with a GM V8 with four carburetors, outstanding about 380 horsepower. Box – tri-band gimovsky Turbo Hydra-matic 350, developed in the 1960s by the joint efforts of Buick and Chevrolet. Phone booth – no props. This is one of the models North Electric 1970s, with the original phone (it made the throttle control) and a reference guide.

The inspiration for the hot rod was the same show car, built by another famous customizers, Carl Casper. It is famous not only eccentric concepts, but also Top Fuel is the dragster and the cars for the movie. For example, Casper has created KITT from Knight rider, “General Lee” and the Batmobile for “Batman returns”.

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