Cameras in headlights: new Hyundai patent

Cameras in headlights: new Hyundai patent


Hyundai Ioniq 5 received video cameras built into the head optics. Hyundai Mobis has filed a patent for the corresponding invention.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to CarBuzz.

A patent application from Hyundai Mobis – Hyundai’s technology arm – says the Korean automaker has developed a combined headlight system. In autonomous or semi-autonomous driving, cameras and lidars are the eyes and ears of the vehicle that allow it to see traffic, pedestrians and any potential threats.

As a rule, lidars are installed on the roof, radars are hidden under the grille, and video cameras are located in the rear-view mirrors and under the windshield.

But by placing these cameras on the outer edges of the vehicle, the ability to triangulate and calculate distances using trigonometry according to the rules of stereoscopic vision between the car and any obstacles is significantly increased. That’s why Hyundai Mobis is experimenting with cameras in headlights. Time will tell how effective this technology is.

We recommend viewing a detailed test drive of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 2021 from the InfoCar team:

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