Camry that will hit you on the spot

Camry that will hit you on the spot


A Reddit user posted in the Shitty Car Mods section a photo of an unusual Toyota Camry, the owner of which tried in every possible way to emphasize the “sporty” character of the sedan, but clearly went too far with tuning. The car has racing stripes and decals “Sport” and “Turbo”, two pairs of mismatched tailpipes, swirls on the roof and many chrome parts.

Extravagant Camry spotted in Texas. First of all, the car attracts attention due to the abundance of stickers – there are wide racing stripes, and many stickers in the area of ​​the rear doors and wheel arches in the best traditions of Need for Speed. The second thing you notice is the abundance of chrome elements. It is literally everywhere: under the lights, in the body kit and on the doors.

The aerodynamic “plumage” completes the look: swirlers on the roof and on the sides of the rear bumper, like a racing car. The trunk lid appears to have a spoiler mount.

The author of the post in the comments complained that he did not have time to photograph the car in front – according to him, from a different angle, the Camry was “even better than the back.

The Shitty Car Mods section contains examples of dubious amateur or simply extravagant tuning, such as a Smart Batmobile with tiny wheels, a GMC with an airplane tail and an old E-Class, which they tried to turn into an unremarkable Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR with the help of henchmen funds.

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