Can Hammond’s DIY Bond Car Survive .50 Caliber Bullets? at the Movies – Part 1

Can Hammond’s DIY Bond Car Survive .50 Caliber Bullets? at the Movies – Part 1


Hammond parks the James Bond Range DB5 Rover on a shooting range in Wales, to see how his armour modifications stand up to Accuracy International’s 50 caliber bullets.Buy now DVD special, never broadcast on TV, in which Richard Hammond and James May search for the best movie scenes connected with cars and re-enacting them in their own special way.Available from Amazon and on Blu-Ray Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

And I shall now guide you
through phase one of our Bond-on-a-budget handy hints. So let's get straight down to business with armour protection, and for just a few hundred pounds,
I've come up with this. For a start, I've armoured the body here
with steel plate designed to withstand all small arms fire
on the market, and that includes protection
to the wheels down there. Just be careful on full lock. Then to disguise the armour plating
from prying eyes, I've broken up the profile, changed the shape,
using these discreet sandbags. Then we move on to glass protection. Now there are a lot of very expensive
polycarbonate on the market, but for a lot less,
you can do what I've done here. Basically, side windows bought
from a scrapyard are glued together with bathroom sealant, and I'll vouch there's nothing
in a terrorist's arsenal that can get through that lot. Now one last important point on budget: I have managed to save money
in all sorts of places here, and that's good, but I could only afford
to armour one side, so in a terrorist attack situation,
it's very important you remember: always try and get them to attack
this side. Our Bond car will be tested
by live weapons fire this armoured car testing facility deep
in the heart of the Welsh countryside. Okay, so the performance has suffered
a bit, and the handling, and the visibility isn't brilliant,
if I'm brutally honest, but at least you'll get
where you're going in one piece, so long as they always shoot
at this side here. With the Bond car in place,
I decided to go for an extra tough armour test. Now normally, here at this firing range,
when they test armoured cars, they use 7.62 millimetre bullets
like this one… but I'm not gonna bother with these. I'm so confident in my armoured plating
that I'm going to up the stakes and ask the shooting guys to use
these: 50-cal. These things are the Manchester United
in bullets. They can travel at around 3,000 feet
per second and stop anything in their path, but let's see if they're
any kind of a match for the Top Gear James Bond
Range db5 Rover. Car's holding up quite well. The wall not so. Oh, God! That might have spoiled their range a bit. My scrapyard glass system hadn't fared
too well either, but on the plus side,
the steel plate had held up nicely. Now let's see if it starts. Obviously, it's very important you carry
a face mask with you, because following a terrorist attack,
there'd be a lot of glass dust in the car, and that's nasty stuff,
and some big gloves as well. Right, let's see. Oh yeah. And the windscreen wipers. This is very James Bond indeed. I don't know what that beep is.
Oh, got bowl failure. Nevermind. Let's go home.

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