Can the Ford Bronco overtake the Mustang Shelby GT500?

Can the Ford Bronco overtake the Mustang Shelby GT500?


A video appeared on a foreign YouTube channel showing the confrontation between the powerful Ford Bronco SUV and the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 sports coupe.

For the record, it’s clear that the new Ford Bronco has no chance against the Mustang Shelby GT500 on anything but rocky terrain. The “muscle” sports car has more than double the power output of the Bronco and is actually a modified GT500 SE that boasts 800+ horsepower. So what’s the point in putting them against each other in a straight line race? In fact, there is a sense in this race.

Notably, the Bronco is driven by Shelby Hall, a professional race car driver who knows a thing or two about off-road racing.

The Mustang Shelby GT500 is a competitor to the Bronco in today’s race and is driven by Gary Patterson, President of Shelby American. This is remarkable because Shelby American does not manufacture the Shelby GT500. Rather, he tweaks them a bit … and other Ford products on occasion

This short video follows a hot lap between two Ford icons on a 2.9 km racetrack. With over 800 hp. and enough traction to outrun the extremely fast 911 GT3 RS on the track, this Mustang is well placed to win. Opposed to the Mustang’s edge, though, is the Bronco’s fast off-road capability. Naturally, the Hall takes the Bronco off the track for every shortcut available.

With short cuts, the Bronco is ahead of the GT500 and into the home stretch, but after the race, things get really interesting. After the dust settles, the camera pans over to Patterson and Hall discussing where Patterson adamantly says that Shelby has to “do something about it.” He points to Bronco and the ambiguity becomes clear. Hall responds to Patterson by saying it’s a great idea, and that’s where the discussion ends.

So Shelby American has plans for a Shelby Bronco? Given the hype surrounding the SUV, not to mention the existence of a modified Shelby F-150 pickup, it’s not hard to believe that such a version of an SUV could actually appear.

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