Canadian electric car for “crypt mining”

Canadian electric car for “crypt mining”


As reported by Daymak on Twitter, the electric car will be able to mine many different cryptocurrencies – “from Dodgecoin to Bitcoin”. To do this, the company has developed a cryptocurrency infrastructure called Nebula, which has already been pending a patent. It includes Nebula Miner technology and the Nebula Wallet hardware wallet.

Already in the “base” Spiritus will be equipped with advanced mining equipment. As Daymak promises, every time the car is parked or plugged into any charger, it is guaranteed to bring money to its owner. We are talking, among other things, about the innovative Ondata wireless charger developed by Daymak, which the Canadians are also going to patent.

As for the Nebula Wallet, it will be possible to store cryptocurrency with it, as well as conduct transactions. The wallet will be reliably protected from hacking and built right into the Spiritus interface.

On June 1, Daymak began accepting pre-orders for Spiritus, which is also tipped to be the fastest three-wheeled car in the world. Production is promised to start in 2023. You can pay for your order in cryptocurrency, both in the popular Bitcoin, and in Ethereum, Dogecoin and Cardano.

The range of prices is significant: for the basic version of the Deluxe with a power reserve of 300 kilometers, they ask for $ 19,995, and for the top-end Ultimate, they will have to pay $ 149,000. The latter will accelerate from zero to “hundreds” in less than two seconds and travel on a full charge up to 480 kilometers.

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