“Canned” will not all! VW ID.3 still under threat

“Canned” will not all! VW ID.3 still under threat


In March we told you about the serious problems with the software of electric vehicles ID.3 – a landmark for Volkswagen product: German press found out that the plant in Zwickau, officially launched on 4 November in the presence of Angela Merkel, all this time driven “cans”, that is machines without a software, which can travel.

These machines Volkswagen accumulates at a secret warehouse – the old airfield of the city of Altenburg, located between Zwickau and Leipzig. According to the German magazine auto motor und sport, a significant part of the issued copies of the “canned” (about 5,000 machines) is also a large Parking lot at the plant in Zwickau. Also there is a spacious warm sheds where soon in the firing order in a “canned” will fill software. Another drive for now produced by machines will be organized at the Volkswagen plant in Emden, produces the trade winds.


Our German colleagues reported that to date, Volkswagen has released 8,000 copies of ID.3, then, as orders he issued about 35 000. Delivery, recall, promised to start in the summer, and Volkswagen while these promises are not disavowed. Plant in Zwickau (which is now the only place on the Assembly ID.3) idled since March 18. April 23, the conveyor working again, but due to the limitations caused by the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 (mask, cleaning, disinfection, social distance, etc.), working not yet at full capacity, and gives only 50 cars a day. By August at this rate Zwickau will give at best 4,000 cars, the total would be 12 000. That is, every third customer who made a Deposit of 1000 Euro for VW ID.3, in the summer the car will not receive. Even if the autumn when, hopefully, the quarantine restrictions will be fully lifted, and the plant will be able to provide the planned 150 cars a day, at the end of the year we get at least 20 000 collected ID.3. That is, to serve in time everyone will come in any way…

Of course, the delay in deliveries can be attributed to the coronavirus, but if Volkswagen decide to fly the problem with? The newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung in March, citing its own anonymous source inside the German company reported that work on the part of the “soft” yet the horse is not lying, and the situation is literally disastrous – Volkswagen in an emergency procedure looking for programmers and is trying to negotiate with competitors in cooperative societies. The question on this issue of auto motor und sport, Frank Welsh, head of development Department of Volkswagen, said that “everything is going according to plan” and ride with a “canned” was originally intended – say, “integrations” IN full swing, the process is on the finish line.

Well, wait till the summer and see finally, the truth about electric Volkswagen wonder. I want to believe that electroguitar real market debut ID.3 do not turn.

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