Canoo startup shares its plans

Canoo startup shares its plans


Canoo CEO Tony Aquila, at a meeting with investors, announced the start of production of electric vehicles in 2022 for the markets of Europe and the United States (but not China). The construction of Canoo’s own auto plant in Oklahoma (mega microfactory) is entering the third phase of Gamma, so the VDL Group will act as a contract manufacturing partner to begin with. Its VDL Nedcar plant in the Netherlands will assemble the first thousand cars. By 2023, the circulation is to reach 15,000 units together.

The first seven-seater minivan Lifestyle Vehicle will be on the conveyor (pictured). It will be followed in 2023 by the MPDV van (in three sizes) and the Canoo Pickup Truck. The sports sedan, previously slated for 2025, is no longer mentioned.

The Nedcar plant in Born, formerly owned by Mitsubishi, has been assembling BMW X1 and Mini Countryman models since 2014, but the contract with the Bavarians expires in 2023. The enterprise covers an area of ​​150 hectares and is capable of producing 230,000 cars per year with 4,000 employees. Startups are lined up.

All Canoo models are based on the same skateboard platform, only the bodies are changed. The startup initially did not want to produce cars on its own, relying on contract manufacturers.

“We have searched the entire globe, invested a lot of time and resources, so we can say: VDL Nedcar is a correct and reliable partner, far ahead of the competition,” emphasizes Aquila. “Canoo’s bold approach to the design and manufacture of electric vehicles makes them the ideal partner to work together to shape the future of mobility,” says VDL Nedcar Director Jon van Sørland.

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