CaptainSparklez Ford GT vs The Demon!!

CaptainSparklez Ford GT vs The Demon!!


I’m visiting Jordan Maron aka Captain Sparklez, to check out his new Ford GT. Of course I had to bring some proper American Muscle along – the all new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.Follow me on:Thanks to:Music by:Oh La La – DyallaLovely Swindler – MariaFly – 13Ounce

the fastest production thank you it’s so unassuming this car isn’t it you look at it you think I wouldn’t have over 800 horsepower yes look at the back seat there’s no back seat oh yeah look a lot well who needs them really brand brand new guys like it smells so new straight from the factory 244 miles on the clock holy bejesus it says we’ve got nearly full fuel but the range is only 140 miles so these must seek gather site now yeah the way you drive it for sure so that’s the key now look at this it’s got this panic button on it I think it’s for when you like going sanely fast and you just like gee I’m going too fast I hit the panic button and then you know it probably stops or something yeah no I think the National Hot Rod Association has actually banned this car from any of its member tracks because it’s simply too fast so this can do a quarter-mile what like 9.6 and then like if you compare that to like the latest Ferraris and MacLaren’s it’s like around nine point eight ish so I’m just looking here the power looks like we’ve got about 800 horsepower at the moment I think you can limit it to 500 that’s cool and then look there’s like a little demon phase here high-octane feature not a quick – please contact your local Dodge dealer when you get up to 500 miles that’s when you can take it in to the dealer and activate the demon mode well we can unlock sits like full horse man yeah I suppose – right forward do you know what I heard that at that point you need to use a special race fuel we got to confirm that past crazy that’s crazy so we are driving up into the hole this right this is Sunset Boulevard I might have that completely wrong but I’m just gonna roll with it we are heading to the house of a guy called Jordan a new Ford GT and I’ve never seen one before there’s one rolling around in Dubai that comes out occasionally but I just haven’t seen it yet so this is the first time I’m going to see the new Ford GT and we’re going to go for a drive together so the demon verse the GT you know where the parking is right here Oh parking brake no is it this one says push on your hair Troy yeah turbo all right so this is the first time I’m actually seeing yeah I have not seen another one out in the wild either maybe I’m the only one so tell us the story then GT why do you want one and why they give you one – um I think I always I love the design of the 2005-2006 yeah and I just have to be a little bit too young to be able to get when I was 13 years old yeah so that made a little tough I mention that in the video application part of getting one of these and I think that’s what sort of excuse me from owning the previous one okay otherwise I didn’t expect to get one I always say that I was expecting to get the email be like you know we appreciate your interest better luck next time yeah and I would have been totally fine yeah but yeah I mean you’ve submitted a whole application it was about was it like five months later then I got the email and it just says congratulations you pretty much are you actually selected what are you going to a shortlist then no no that was a fine thing yeah I remember exactly where I was this like everyone has some notable moment like now remember exactly where they were that way I’m eating sushi now that’s how I made the sushi meal yeah is cool that car is insanely beautiful I am blown away it looks like the nose of a dragon we see that like with the two big nostrils the exhaust pipes you see that there ll see them all right we’re swapping over so you need cause it’s gonna drive the demon I’m gonna be passenger in the GT we’re really interested to see how this view there hold that so that’s actually why do you know food anyway here there’s a little bit but that would not fit in there I’ve already done you just wouldn’t even fit I don’t think so a back that’s half of it half of its occupied by the the toolkit is good to have in there at all times right have you ever needed Jesus I have not fortunately everything’s pretty much on the wheel thing yeah they try to put everything so you don’t have to take your hands off so leather then doing the comfort setting log for the suspension if you’re in a rough area next to us that cars driving this is a real beast especially here in Australia are you making the GT jealous over here made that was a nice line right there it stops for a little photo opportunity look at this this year that’s like a little catchment area for rocks and debris and stuff from the road you can get that fitted in after you’ve actually purchased the car when you close the door right yeah it’ll just fly straight into it into here yeah and just on the press demo models after like four thousand miles on the track I was told that they just have like bare exposed carbon because all the paint’s okay there it is it looks like any other 14 he says GT on it Wow that’s help I got an explorer loan or the other week and I was like this is basically the GT all right so you just got to hold the key and then it’s literally start and stop yeah put on the brake okay yeah just go what forgive if you turn off the engine it disengages all the hydraulic that’s my first experience already for Jesus but you’ll have to come out again when it’s not raining well thank you so so much absolute pleasure

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