Car charger Dnipro-M: quality & affordable price

Car charger Dnipro-M: quality & affordable price


In the life of every motorist there comes a time when there is an urgent need to recharge the battery of your car. This is particularly relevant issue in the winter. In this case, comes to the aid of charger for car battery. And here many the challenge is how to select it.

Among the variety of this type of equipment should be allocated to chargers for cars Brand of Dnipro-M, which is the first day of its formation it has embarked on the creation of a modern and high-quality products for a wide range of consumers.

Range of chargers Dnipro-M

Charger Dnipro-M represented by the following models:

  • Dnipro-M BC-12;
  • Dnipro-BC M-16;
  • Dnipro-M BC-18;
  • Dnipro-M BC-20;
  • Dnipro-M BC-30.

The presented models differ in the charge current and compatible with batteries of different capacities. Ease of use and ergonomic design make the memory Dnipro-M the best solution for those who appreciate practicality and efficiency.

With their help, you can quickly charge the battery for a subsequent engine start. In addition, each model is simple in its operation – to start the process of charging simply connect the corresponding wire to an electrical outlet, and the other to the battery.

Features memory Dnipro-M, which will help when choosing

Before choosing a charger, you should look not only to its technical characteristics, but also on a number of other elements. The equipment Dnipro-M have a many benefits that are worthwhile.

Depending on the chosen model, the charger suitable for batteries of any capacity ranging from 20 to 200 Ah (models BC-12 and BC-30, respectively). When you do this, be sure to check the compatibility of charging battery of your car.

Each device is also equipped with a convenient carrying handle.

Each charger for the car battery works effectively with a power source with a voltage of 12/24 V.

Among their main advantages are:

  • Protection against wrong polarity when connecting the battery to the charger;
  • Overheat protection and short circuit protection;
  • The presence of the ammeter to monitor charge level;
  • High power settings;
  • The presence of mode switches of the charge;
  • Compact design and light weight;
  • Durability.

Reliability and safety when using the memory Dnipro-M

Product Dnipro-M characterized by a high level of security, which is confirmed by years of experience positive customer feedback. Charger Brand confidently do their work at temperatures from 0 to +30°C and easy to transport even in -10°C, which allows to use them in the cold season.

Separately worth noting the presence of system overload and reverse polarity. This solution protects your equipment and battery from damage in case of wrong connection.

Thanks to these features combined with an affordable price, You will always be able to a car battery to buy the best kind of autogarage.

Warranty period and service

Of quality chargers Dnipro-M supports long-term official manufacturer warranty – 3 years.

Ukrainian consumers appreciated the quality of service of the Brand, as evidenced by the victory in the Ukrainian national project “national award”. By the end of 2019 Brand Dnipro-M took first place in the category “maintenance/repairs”.

It is also worth noting the network of official stores Dnipro-M that allows you to buy battery charger for rechargeable car batteries not only in Kyiv but also throughout Ukraine.

More detailed information about the products You can find on the official website of the Brand.

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