Car from GTA: inexpensive cross-coupe the size of Mazda CX-30

Car from GTA: inexpensive cross-coupe the size of Mazda CX-30


The Chinese concern FAW showed an inexpensive cross-coupe Bestune B70S at the Guangzhou Motor Show. The five-door is unified in terms of power units with the Bestune B70 liftback, but differs in the original raised body. The dimensions of the Bestune B70S are comparable to the Mazda CX-30 and the parallels with the Japanese crossover are not accidental – the fact is that FAW and Mazda had a joint venture, which produced “related” CX-4 SUVs in the Celestial Empire.

FAW representatives emphasize that the novelty has nothing to do with Mazda, although the Bestune B70S is very similar to the local crossover CX-4. The length / width / height of the Chinese cross-coupe are respectively equal to 4555/1850/1515 millimeters, so that the height of the “seventy” resembles a cross-hatch.

Concealed door handles, LED optics, 19-inch alloy wheels, panoramic roof and contrasting body paint are the prerogatives of the top version with a 2.0-liter 224-horsepower (340 Nm) gasoline turbo engine and an 8-speed automatic “. The base Bestune B70S combine a 169-horsepower (258 Nm) 1.5 turbo engine with a “mechanics” or 7-speed preselective “robot”. Four-wheel drive is not required for the Chinese novelty.

In the cabin, Bestune B70S almost literally repeats the usual Bestune B70 liftback. In front of the driver is a widescreen curved display, which includes a virtual dashboard and a multimedia system touchscreen, climate settings are adjusted via a touchscreen console with a pair of washers, like on Jaguars and Land Rovers. Feature of the top versions – bright stitching and leatherette seat trim.

Prices for the new FAW have not yet been announced, but most likely Bestune B70S will cost comparable to a regular liftback, that is, even the most expensive 2.0-liter cross-coupe will not be more expensive than 150 thousand yuan ($ 23,500). The optimism of Chinese journalists can be easily explained: the price of the updated Mazda CX-4 of local assembly starts from 149 thousand yuan.

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