Car from US: a dream that can become reality

Car from US: a dream that can become reality


Used cars from America are in high demand among potential owners of Ukraine. Every day the number of vehicles imported into our country from the USA, gradually growing. Of course, each person can choose one of the already imported vehicles, but you’ll have to deal with a middleman, so the cost of the machine will be higher and the selection is rather limited.

The company “Taurus Group” offers services direct buy cars at the insurance auctions of America: Copart, Manhaim, IAAI and other trading platforms. Entrusting us with the whole complex of events “turnkey” you get a car with savings up to 30-40%, and in some cases up to 50% without the hassle of lining, overpayments.

Range of services from “Taurus Group”

The range of services “turnkey” includes:

  • the selection of cars at the auctions and bidding on the buyer’s behalf;
  • shipping a car across the United States and by sea to Ukraine;
  • assistance in customs clearance, conversion and certification cars.
  • Look at each of these points in more detail.

The selection of cars at auctions

To navigate through the offers of insurance auctions inexperienced buyer is very difficult. Need to know the markings of a car, allowing to establish the type and severity of damage. You must have access to the system, allowing for a VIN code check history of car. Besides to bid on most auctions require a special license. Not having sufficient experience you can buy “cat in bag”. There is a risk that the purchased car will not be recoverable at all, or the work will be very expensive.

Our experts will gladly select a suitable car for everyone, taking into account the wishes:

  • make and model
  • year,
  • mileage,
  • cost
  • external and technical condition,
  • color
  • configuration and other parameters.

We have all the proper licenses and access to bid at closed dealer auctions. We also represent clients at auction, buying a car in his name.

Shipping to USA and Ukraine

After buying a car, you must fetch it from the site, the insurance auction, to be transported to a special terminal where it will wait for the call. Here the car is photographed, insured, preparing all the necessary documents for international transportation. Then auto loaded into 40-foot containers. They placed an average of 4 or sedan 3 sedan and 1 SUV. The formed containers are transported to port. Here it will be until then, until there is formed a load. Often this process takes 3-6 days. Then the car floats by sea to a port in Europe, and then, after transshipment to a smaller ship in the port of Odessa. On arrival the machine is unloaded, again photographed and transmitted in the area of customs clearance.

Customs clearance and certification

This process occurs under the careful supervision of the customs broker our company. His responsibilities include preparation of necessary customs and accompanying documentation, the verification of all duties and customs fees payment.

In addition to customs clearance, all vehicles imported into Ukraine should be certified for compliance with the applicable cars today in Europe, the legislative regulations and requirements. This will require minor refurbishment cars, which will also take on representatives of our company.

Only after this the car passed into the hands of the new owner and he can put it on the record in any city of Ukraine.

We are ready to offer individual solutions to each client. Extensive experience in the market allows you to choose the really best cars available for insurance auctions of America.

To clarify the details of cooperation and to place your order on the website “Taurus Group”.

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