Car hit by train | Safety Message (HQ) | Series 9 | BBC

Car hit by train | Safety Message (HQ) | Series 9 | BBC


After a series of accidents at railway crossings conducts a test to show what happens when a speeding train hits a stranded Renault Espace. It ain’t pretty.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

it’s a commonly held belief that younger drivers are the ones who cause all British car accidents tearing about on drugs with their hats on back to front but the truth is that elderly people are three times more likely to have a crash than their grandchildren when was the last time you heard of a young person driving the wrong way down a motorway never so it’s an old person in their eighties and how often do you hear about a teenager plying their car into the sea again never it’s always an old lady in a fiesta but now it seems Britain’s old people have found a new way to get their kicks terrifyingly they’re jumping the lights at level crossings look at this idiot caught on CCTV larking about in his Reliant Robin he was lucky not to kill someone we examine the footage more carefully we see the really worrying thing he wasn’t even wearing a high-visibility jacket the trouble is that people have seen their grandparents driving through the red light with no safety clothing at all and think it’s okay for them to do it as well the figures make for appalling reading there are 1,600 level crossings in Britain and according to British Rail or one of the court these days many people are injured on them every year you might think it’s fun to jump the red lights you might think it’ll save you a few minutes you might think it’s okay because your granddad’s always doing it all because you’ve got a Renault Espace which has a 5-star Euro endcaps safety rating but it’s not alright as I shall now prove with a gratuitous shot of a train smashing into the Espace at very high speed you don’t like that on the public road you deserve to be called a maniac I’d quite like to see that again in slow motion and even slower so that is how far the train went from what 7080 miles an hour the message then is clear unless you want that to happen to you always wear this you

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