Car Ice Hockey MAYHEM Winter Olympics

Car Ice Hockey MAYHEM Winter Olympics


Click here for part 2 Hammond and May captain two five a side teams of Suzuki Swifts to play a game of hockey. But with Clarkson refereeing its unlikely to be a fair match. Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

okay the blue team captained by captain slow that primetime television the red team captained by Richard Phillip Schofield Hammond that’s daytime television we’re ready within a minute daytime TV school is it the goal in ice hockey yeah now the where a mother crashes when we did this with the i-gos playing football I think by putting our eyes a lot a lot safer despite my best football cliches oh he’s up like a salmon we’re on the clear month the gold is the old one-two team primetime were all over the place it’s gone why meanwhile daytime TV were on fire and despite an obviously biased ref we backed home gold to go and go three in quick succession whose primetime now then boys yes my team were being trashed and when we finally did score guess who was otherwise engaged yes all in all the refs grasp of the game was poor oh why is that happy yeah well that sell why haven’t you scored we have scored well I’ve seen it’s no BS cause dents who’s the referee I fell over a bit good night you miss the gone and miss the girl see it’s not declared it’s not a goal are you prepared to accept my word as a prime-time television presenter that we scored a superb goal yes I am good thank you very much this is daytime were still two goals ahead though and the ref didn’t like that watch it it’s in the middle James took immediate advantage three three three that’s in that’s lovely give him a megaphone he’s happy comfy on and your but moments later James crashed into his own man leaving his goal mouth wide open for me after that the match really hot enough for most people that is cool it a beer right although it’s not famine let it help James still another goal for daytime making the school what is it as the game entered its final stages the violence reached proper ice hockey levels and blow forever mine these are premium cells to be tough little cars intimate I myself four pound could be worried about the any vacuum cleaner a vacuum cleaners top gear have a vacuum cleaner no red to was ant of action but my joy was short-lived there’s a spare car we’re writing number two on it as we speak I’ll be back in business with 90 seconds of play left aside EU on I Anna totally impartial giving you every possible opportunity thanks you just let me down rubbish um yeah I’m not going to brilliant girl whilst you’ve been chatting up some Norwegian woman and standing in the bar that’s what my my yes it wasn’t my why with play almost over I accidentally but very accurately took out James Carl the me I’ve got seen beer for what go on ITV you go in the sin bin it’s that simple with me shackles primetime brought the score up to fight for come on man and then you may rejoin the game no matter daytime had one you

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