Car of the new decade from Eli Electric Motors stood on the conveyor

Car of the new decade from Eli Electric Motors stood on the conveyor


Los Angeles-based startup Eli Electric Motors has begun mass production of the electric Eli Zero. The first city electric cars will be received by customers from Western Europe, and in the future, the car can be bought in the United States, reports New Atlas.

Compared to the prototype that was shown in 2018, the serial Eli Zero has changed a lot: the on-board network has become 72-volt (previously it was 48-volt), the suspension has been modified, a rear-view camera, LED headlights, brake boosters and steering.

Eli Zero is driven by an electric motor (5.4 horsepower) located on the rear axle. The power reserve depends on the selected battery option: 5.8 kW / h – 80 km, from 8 kW / h – 112 km.

Eli Zero will be built on an aluminum chassis with McPherson struts on the front axle. The brakes are disc brakes. The car also received parking sensors and transparent doors.

Inside the electric Eli Zero, there is a digital dashboard with a 7-inch screen, an audio system, climate control, a USB connector for connecting and recharging mobile devices, a 12-volt socket, and a 160-liter trunk. The image from the rear view camera is displayed on the dashboard.

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