Car of the year: 6 award-winning for Peugeot


March 2 in Geneva, the new PEUGEOT 208 won the title of “European car of the year” and has brought the PEUGEOT Brand’s sixth award in the most prestigious automotive award in Europe. This award is given annually by the independent jury, consisting of 60 European automotive journalists.

PEUGEOT 208 became the first urban compact car Brand, received the award “European car of the year”. Other winners of this prestigious competition were also five other legendary PEUGEOT various segments: flagship sedan PEUGEOT 504 (1969), universal premium sedan PEUGEOT 405 (1988), compact family car PEUGEOT 307 (2002) and PEUGEOT 308 (2014), as well as crossover PEUGEOT 3008 (2017), which became the first car of the SUV segment, has won the award since inception of the award in 1964.

New PEUGEOT 208: another “sacred number”

The new PEUGEOT 208 was the sixth vehicle of the Brand, won the most prestigious automotive award in Europe. He meets all the criteria to win the vote, and his expressive and elegant design has become a key element of the strategy for PEUGEOT to strengthen Brand image. The new PEUGEOT 208 offers some of the most advanced in the segment of driver assistance systems that give opportunities for semi-Autonomous driving. The car is offered with both electric motor and internal combustion engine.

The new PEUGEOT e-208 represents a new stage in the development of electromobility: the reserve 340 km (test cycle WLTP), a power of 100 kW (136 HP) and torque of 260 Nm (available at start) allow the electric car to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 8 seconds. The car offers three driving modes: Sport, Normal and Eco.

The new PEUGEOT 208 has already become a bestseller. The car made 130 000 orders, 15% of which were in an electric version, which debuted in September 2019.

PEUGEOT 504: the first trophy for the lovely “eye Sophia Loren”

To remember the first “European car of the year” PEUGEOT, you need to go back more than a century. In 1969, the first winner of the Brand in this prestigious competition was the PEUGEOT 504. This large sedan became a symbol of the growing popularity of models in the segment. From a technical point of view, he resembled in many ways the PEUGEOT 404 – with the exception of the independent suspension of all four wheels, first used by PEUGEOT on a rear wheel drive car.

His unique style was the result of close cooperation of the design Department of PEUGEOT and Pininfarina. Italian Studio has developed the rear of the car, while PEUGEOT’s design Department has created a front part on which the Italian designer refused to show his own version, said “this car look like Sophia Loren”.

Thanks to its legendary reliability of the PEUGEOT 504 has earned a reputation in Motorsport, having won many victories in the prestigious African rally: rally Safari rally, the Morocco rally and the Bandama.

The first “European car of the year” PEUGEOT produced from 1968 to 2005, and the total volume of its production amounted to 3 356 713 cars, of which 2 644 326 in the sedan.

PEUGEOT 405: almost a unanimous decision

After almost two decades in 1988, a landslide victory in the competition “European car of the year” won the PEUGEOT 405. However, he received the highest rating from 54 of the 57 members of the jury! Visually designed in the style of the PEUGEOT 205, 405 model became a symbol of comfort and driving pleasure. PEUGEOT 405 equipped with the most modern technology, including ABS brakes and turbocharged diesel engine with a displacement of 1.9 liters and output of 90 HP.

PEUGEOT 405 was also available in the modification Mi16, which became at the time of its debut, real standard speakers. Engine PEUGEOT 405 Mi16 160 HP was created by the most advanced technology of the time – with four valves per cylinder.

Driving a PEUGEOT 405 coupe, built for rally-raids on the basis of serial sedan, Ari Vatanen won the rally “Paris – Dakar” in 1989 and 1990. From a technical point of view the car was the successor to the 205 Turbo 16. Driving a sports car created on the basis of the 405 T16 Ari Vatanen won the race in a high-speed race to the top of pikes Peak in the United States. The victory will forever remain in the history thanks to the film “Climb Dance”, which tells of the legendary events.

PEUGEOT 405 was extremely popular outside of race tracks: the total number of sold worldwide exceeds 5 million copies.

PEUGEOT 307: vehicle reached new heights

In 2002, entered the market with the PEUGEOT 307 – perfectly balanced representative of the new generation of compact, high and spacious family cars. Thanks to the combination of these qualities, 14 years after PEUGEOT 405, he was named in 2002 the “European car of the year”.

Compared to competitors, the PEUGEOT 307 was higher, which greatly facilitated the landing of passengers. Its attractive and dynamic appearance, was largely inspired by the PEUGEOT 206. The vehicle provides excellent visibility through the large windshield. Spacious, functional and practical interior was characteristic for a class of minivans. Drivers noted a low level of noise and impressive efficiency of the braking system. PEUGEOT 307 equipped with the cleanest diesel engine of its time: powerplant 2.0 HDi 110 HP was equipped with a diesel particulate filter.

PEUGEOT 307 also formed the basis of a number of models with different body types. In addition to the 3-and 5-door hatchbacks, 4-door sedan 5-door station wagon and coupe-convertible (CC) one of them also includes model 307 WRC, which became the successor to the PEUGEOT 206 WRC in the world rally Championship in 2004 and 2005.

Total sales of the PEUGEOT 307 (all body versions) exceeded 3.7 million cars.

PEUGEOT 308: the elegance and dynamic performance

In 2014 for the PEUGEOT brand and the rest of the automotive world, a new era began. PEUGEOT 308 designers and engineers have brought to life the idea of a modern car with the energetic character. Thanks to the new modular platform EMP2, the new PEUGEOT 308 got even more compact in size and become lighter (-140 kg compared with the predecessor). As a result of its dynamic qualities and controllability has been recognized as the benchmark in its segment.

The cockpit of the new PEUGEOT 308, equipped with the latest technology, was designed for maximum intuitive operation of the car: its distinctive features was a compact steering wheel, head-up display, a high centre console and a large 9.7-inch touch screen. The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit, inspired by the SR1 concept, set new standards in the automotive industry and subsequently became one of the main distinguishing features of the PEUGEOT cars.

Since the launch of the model in 2013 around the world collectively has sold 1.7 million units of PEUGEOT 308 in all body variants.

PEUGEOT 3008, first crossover, which has become the “European car of the year”

PEUGEOT 3008, first crossover, received the award since the founding of the competition in 1964. The first car got a new generation of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit Amplify – the driver’s seat in the hi-tech style with innovative architecture that offers the possibility of intuitive control of all functions of the car.

PEUGEOT 3008 equipped with a system of a smart actuator Advanced Grip Control with five driving modes that allow you to adapt the vehicle to any road conditions. In 2016, the division of PEUGEOT Sport presented 3008 DKR. Brilliant result at the rally Dakar to 2017, when the PEUGEOT racers won all three prizes, and first place in the race for 2018 has enabled the company to once again write his name in the history of the famous race.

Worldwide since launching the PEUGEOT 3008 in October 2016 were sold 900,000 vehicles.

The competition “European car of the year”: a selection of European experts

60 independent automotive journalists from 23 countries make up the group of experts, which selects the car of the year. Representation from each country is determined by the size of its market and the importance of the automotive industry. Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom delegate in the jury of six experts. Their representatives are also Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,, Slovenia, Turkey, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.

Experts, members of the jury, each year choose one winner. They became the most interesting novelty in the automotive market regardless of the segment, the shape of the body and prices, are on sale during the 12 months preceding the award. The most important criteria in choosing the winner, technical innovation and price/quality. The competition “European car of the year” has existed since 1964: it is the oldest and most prestigious trophy in the automotive world.

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