Car Rugby at Twickenham (First Half)

Car Rugby at Twickenham (First Half)


This clip contains language that some viewers may find offensive.Jeremy and James play car rugby using Kia Cee’ds and Kia Sportages at Twickenham Stadium and the Stig as a referee in a Vauxhall Astra Police car.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

okay I’m going to be captaining the gray team and the silver team will be captained by a man who knows this ground incredibly well you drove past it almost every day I’m James Jeremy rules of Carl rugby yeah I’ve got a question straightaway on behalf of the viewers I suspect don’t you have to pass it backwards he’s running in rugby yes yeah that’s not possible so we’re not doing that are we allowed to do this what here yes yes has anybody said hallowed ground yet oh yeah can if you want yeah got it on this hallowed ground we’re about to play car rugby in our game the sea apostrophe DS will be the speedy backs and up front we’ll be using kir sport houses as the hard men the forwards so all we need now is a Ref okay are you ready James mate yeah I just point out that the referee can’t speak Burnie Bobby doesn’t know the rules but yes I’m ready as team captains Clarkson and I were both in cars numbered for and punt yes they’re reversing look open frightening them lost it forwards bored here we go may is ready to go through the gap yes it’s still mine the ball States Oldham is he’s carrying it he’s picked up the ball and he’s running with it bravely James tried to block my beefy forward but we could get this back Wow well done man well done loving your place then gray 5 broke free yes I’m here and ready yes yes yes no yes yeah what’s a try having established the C apostrophe D could score a try it was now time to see if it could do the next bit okay time for a conversion why does he do that what he does Jonny Wilkinson do this a quicker them yes oh no no rubbish ball in play come on winger come on should explain James May is using a diesel as a higher top speed than my 1.6 liter petrol but I have better acceleration less weight oh no this is bad they’re free come on winger winger winger nice play guys nice play violent move there must be James and walls keep it in keep it in ah let’s go out you’ll find that’s a grave throwing what’s a gray throwing this is a great car no but your bloke not that eh didn’t he see it isn’t gonna go and ask the ref who’s throwing was that silver greatly point the worst referee I’ve ever come across I told James the ref had said it was a grey throw-in so now it was time for our first line out this is very useful feature of the Cee’d it’s small compact so you can get a good run up for taking out a liner here we go and bit of wheelspin and punt first push I’m against the bigger man car lose that talk there any front-wheel drive those sport otters but they have power come on team there’s Bulldog there it is James had the ball and was heading for the Troy line dribbling what’s it called in rugby that running with it but we soon put a stop to that so now my gray team have the advantage go number five go go go ain’t no stopping him now is on the move is in the groove yes come on number three that is a try this is hopeless we’re getting thrashed a bit weirdly my team let me have another go at a conversion right I’m going for a massive massive massive kick this time go over yes yes it’s something at this point the ref signaled half thali

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