Car sales in Europe in June fell by 8%

Car sales in Europe in June fell by 8%

As reported by Ukrautoprom, in June 2019 the registration of new cars in the European Union fell by 7.8% to 1446183 units. To a large extent this decline experts attribute the negative calendar effect. In June the EU there were on average only 19 working days, while in 2018 this figure was 21 days.

As a result, all five major EU markets experienced a decline in sales, especially in France (-8,4%) and Spain (-8,3%).

The largest national market in the EU is Germany, which last month was sold 325,2 thousand new cars (a fall of 4.7%).

The second place was occupied by France, which in June acquired 230 964 cars.

Leadership closes the top three UK with a score of 223.4 m thousand sold cars (a fall of 4.9%).

As for European manufacturers, the first line has traditionally been VW Group, which within one month has sold in the EU 355 296 cars, while the fall was 9.5% compared to June.

In the second place PSA Group with a score of 234 195 cars sold, which is 8% less than a year ago.

And the third result from the RENAULT Group – 186 016 PCs (down 3.6 percent).

Total for the first half of 2019, the demand for new cars around have Escribirse 3.1% compared to the same period last year – a total of 8.2 million registrations.

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