Cargo motorcycle: future or fantasy?

Cargo motorcycle: future or fantasy?


The problem of cargo transportation in the city is acute: the car is always stuck in traffic, and the motorcycle is not able to take on Board a large cargo. What to do?

Australian inventor-enthusiast Oscar Helberg, a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology, proposed an interesting solution of this question: a cargo motorcycle. According to him, has pushed this concept of the Dutch cargo bike Bullitt and Urban Arrow – machines, where the load platform is located in front of the cyclist.

Presented as a result of a cargo bike, named EsCargo, equipped with pyatnadcatiletnim motor mounted directly on the pendulum rear suspension, and a modest lithium-ion battery for 1 kW\h. the spacecraft’s Weight only 95 kg, cruising speed malogruzovaja 20 km\h On a motorcycle are also provided recesses for the installation of additional batteries.


Driver EsCargo located almost above the rear wheel, turn front wheel is carried out with the help of cables. Between the driver and the front wheel is a cargo area for loads up to 150 kg.

The inventor hopes that mass production of such devices will help solve the problems of logistics in Metropolitan areas and significantly increase delivery speed.

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