Carriers are asked to postpone e-ticket for another year


Association of carriers Kiev and Kiev region have published an open letter to the Chairman of KSCA Vitaly Klitschko. It carriers, among other things, asked the KSCA to postpone the introduction of e-ticket for another year.

The owners of taxis say they have suffered great losses due to quarantine restrictions, so I beg to move the introduction of automated fare collection in buses on June 1, 2021.

Also, the carriers say they are not ready to support the introduction of the electronic ticket in its current form, as this will cause connection costs and system maintenance. Which in turn would increase the cost of travel up to 12-15 UAH.



“Businesses do not support the introduction of an automated accounting system fare with the proposed functionality in this form, as this will lead to a significant rise in the cost of travel roughly 12-15 UAH”, – said in the letter.

Therefore, drivers suggested on the tender operator who will install and service the validators in the buses at their own expense, and to collect tolls. For their services the operator will have to take minimum fee from the amount of each payment.

It is also proposed to retain the possibility of payment for journey in minibuses in cash when the passenger is not possible to do it in another way.

“For the convenience of passengers and to prevent the free passage of passengers because of the inability to purchase e-ticket, please consider the possibility to afford to pay for transport services and cash,” offered by the Association.



Private carriers ask from KSCA to resolve the issue of compensation of their value of payment for the carriage of passengers-exempts who use “Card of Kiev” or have privileges at the state level.

Note that the Association of carriers combines the company “Soyuz-Auto”, “Keytrans-2005”, “SW-TRANS”, “TRANS Group”, “Park”, “radon”, “TRANS-city”, “Basalt”, “D-M Chieftans, Politikave-B”. Together they serve more than 75% of the market of minibuses in Kiev and the region.

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