Carriers idling at the border more than 4 days

Carriers idling at the border more than 4 days


Association of international road carriers (ASMAP) States that the carriers are forced to stand for more than 4 days waiting for the border crossing, while there are still a number of gaps where it is possible to cross the border on a private vehicle.

About this to Ukrainian news reported the press service of the Association.

“Carriers are forced to stand in anticipation of crossing the border in unsanitary conditions, without access to adequate food for more than 4 days with all the socio-sanitary consequences,” – said in response to the press-service status request international cargo transportation to/from Ukraine.

According to the AIH, March 14 at checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Polish border “Yagodin – Dorohusk”, “Krakovets – Korczowa” and “Rava -n hrebenne” on leaving Ukraine to accumulate a queue of more than 1 thousand, 500 and 200 vehicles respectively.


At this point, there is a significant reduction in international road transport, especially in the European direction.

It is noted that in connection with quarantine measures related to pandemic coronavirus in the world, almost all countries of the Eurasian continent have imposed a ban or significant restrictions when crossing the border by citizens, including drivers of vehicles for commercial purposes.

However, most countries suspended the movement of goods across its border trucks, by providing for certain requirements and caveats.

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