Cars are over: General Motors unveils its lunar rover

Cars are over: General Motors unveils its lunar rover


The American company General Motors is developing an unmanned lunar rover with an electric propulsion system.

The American company General Motors has published a teaser video of an unmanned lunar rover. Lunar Terrain Vehicle is also taking part in the project. The date of the premiere of the unusual car will be announced later.

So far, the video shows only an unmanned module with two seats. The company claims that the design of the lunar rover is still being discussed. Moreover, GM told Foxnews that the new product will have several versions to “solve different problems.”

The technical characteristics of the lunar rover are kept secret. At the moment, it is only known that it will be driven by an electric power plant. The power reserve of the Lunokhod has not yet been announced.

Earlier, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) asked car companies to join the development of a new lunar rover. The device will be created as part of the NASA space program called “Artemis”, which provides for the return of people to the moon.

According to NASA’s concept, the new lunar rover should have a leaky open cockpit, advanced equipment, and external controls so that a person can fully operate the device. This implies that the equipment will include fully autonomous robots that will be able to sneak into hard-to-reach places, and will also carry additional inventory and resources during the expedition.

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