Cars from America, where you can earn

Cars from America, where you can earn


The theme of bringing cars from the US continues to gain popularity. In Ukraine arriving daily cars from America. Let’s face it, many of them are bought for resale. Face it, what machines it is advantageous to drive from the ocean and make money on resale, statistics collected by the company fits a range of cars from the United States of America Motors.

Of course, the leader is the Ford Fusion. Popular Ford 2015 release in good equipment. As example would be winning the auction client equipped sedan and almost the entire with mileage less than 30,000 miles for 4 500 dollars. Including transportation, customs duties and other costs to the purchaser, the machine cost 11 $ 200. Given the minor damage, plus the sum amounted to about $ 1,000. The final cost turned out to be for Ford Fusion – 12 $ 200. This auto brand in the U.S. prices range from 2,000 to 6,500 dollars. It depends on whether the broken car and if Yes, what is the extent of the damage. With minimal damage and in complete set of 6 $ 500. Such cars are often chosen by the customers. In addition, relevant to resale and the car at a lower price, but with more significant damage. After the procedure, recovery, Ford Fusion costs from 10 000 to 13 000 USD. Of course, for 10 000 out of a car with the greatest damage, for 13 000 – with a minimum. In the resale of cars on the market, the seller can profit in the area 1 000 – 3 000 dollars on one machine. In principle, a serious indicator.

The second popular option of bringing the car for resale is the Ford Escape. Cars 2014 release in the SE configuration will cost our country about 11 400. If to talk about buying a decent damaged car in the USA, it will cost about $ 2,500. With shipping costs, custom and repair work in the area 10 000 – 11 000 dollars. Our market is the Ford Escape can be purchased for 15 000 – 18 000 dollars. In the sale of such machines is much less than other brands. However, if you want, you can make good money at resale.

The Buick Encore also though not so popular, but also good for resale. In Europe, its counterpart, the Opel Mokka. American options have the best equipment than are European. For example, take the Buick Encore, which has an average bundle. In America it can be purchased for about $ 3,500. Ukraine will get $ 10,000. Even with all the repairs to make a profit from the sale of such a vehicle in the district 1 000 – 2 000 dollars.

Ford Explorer is SUV, the vehicle which deserves special attention. A SUV to drive will be very profitable. You can cite as an example an instance with a value of $ 8 500. This is a car with a decent equipment set and with the alleged damage. Will cost our country taking into account of repair of about $ 16,000 with that, just like the domestic market you can buy not less than 20,000, and the fresh year and rich configuration and did about $ 30,000.

Honda Fit. Take for example the option is won on auction for 3 1000 dollars. Car 2015 model year. Its mileage is 40,000 miles. The package is complete. The cost of such a car given the repairs will be 10 $ 500. Price here starts from 12 $ 450.

Over the past few years buying cars from the USA became for Ukrainians not only economical, but also the great option of earning money. According to statistics, the resale profit is about 20% -40%.

It should be stressed that turning to a specialized company bringing a car, the buyer is sure that he will get a car in good condition, which did not happen several times in an accident and not “drowned”. Company drive cars that customers want. Even if we are talking about the damage. The fact that pregna battered car, bearing repair, still it will be much cheaper purchased new. Because in America the service stations too expensive, owners is easier to sell a vehicle than to repair it. This can earn those buyers who purchase cars for resale.

In addition, I would like to address the question, what damage to the car are considered acceptable. This auto physical damage, hail, and strong, strike, act of vandalism. In the domestic automotive markets are sold cars with the same damage. Only now their price is an order of magnitude. In principle, the company that is involved in bringing a car from America, calculates what repair options are reasonable, and which to repair is not worth it. And consequently, you should not take these cars. Then, the client determines whether a specific option for the budget or not.

So buying cars from US is not only pleasant for motorists, the acquisition and the opportunity to make money when reselling the car. The main thing is to choose the brand of car that will be in demand in our market You will be able to help qualified managers of AMERICA MOTORS.

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