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In the market of Ukraine the majority of used vehicles that are imported from abroad, come from USA or Europe. But if America cars most often have a history with traffic accidents, with markets in Europe cars come with huge runs and not in the best condition. Is there an alternative to the American cue and the ancient Europeans? Yes – used cars from Korea.


Actual Korean used cars began after the country began to appear in auctions, like American or Japanese. They appeared after the Korean market failed to cope with the implementation of transportation supported by your own efforts and there was a problem with the export of used cars. To stimulate this process was the government of this Asian country, which created favorable conditions for this. Now the import of Korean cars are actively engaged in the company not only in Ukraine but also in Georgia, etc. AuctionAuto Company offers a unique opportunity to acquire an excellent Korean cars at affordable prices.

Features of Korean used cars

The main feature of used cars from Korea is that most of them do not have disaster stories. Yes, cars can be podkresli, some cars can drive more than one hundred thousand kilometers, etc. South Korean Market not much different from ours. It is Frank trash, but good and full of suggestions.

Where and how to buy used car in Korea

As already mentioned, selling used cars in Korea is gradually moving to the auctions. Not so much as in the US or Japan and the range is much narrower. Most of the Korean automobile auctions, yet have to hold auctions a few times a week.

But the system of sales and breaks between auctions allow companies that are the bidders to personally verify the most interesting options. For this AuctionAuto opened an office and hired a staff of experts who travel around the trade fair grounds and get acquainted with the cars, which are targeted customers. This approach allows you to really pick quality used cars.

What cars are sold in Korea?

The Korean market sells well-known brands and models of manufacturers from this country. The most widely represented products of auto companies Kia and Hyundai. SsangYoung, which are much less popular, but the local market is very much appreciated by motorists, so cars of this brand are also abound.

But there are some and benefits. In the domestic market of Korea is the modification of models which are not available in other countries. For example, in Korea prodautsa popular sedans the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima (K5) in the diesel variants or the gas. At the same time, gas for cars is still at the factory and is the only fuel system in the car, which are not even provided a tank of gasoline.

Another advantage lies in the quality of the cars themselves. For the domestic market, Korean cars are going much better. This directly affects their longevity.

It is also worth noting that the optics and light measurements (speed, fuel consumption, temperature, etc.) in Korean cars is identical to the European cars. Therefore, no need to get used to the miles and the gallons, as it happens in the case of buying a car from the United States.

How to buy used car from Korea?

Unfortunately, Korean car auctions have their stringent requirements. To participate in the auction have the right to only licensed dealers, which can be only citizens of Korea. Therefore, buy BU car from Korea at auction only through an intermediary.

Shipping and customs clearance Korean cars

Shipping from Korea takes place on a special ferry. Unlike shipping from USA, cars from Korea are not loaded into the container, and are driven on special vehicle rolling on/rolling out (ro ro). This service is much safer because the possibility of damage to the vehicle if such transportation is minimized. Loaded cars in the port of Incheon (near Seoul) and followed in the port of Piraeus, Greece, where they are loaded on another ferry (ro-ro) and go to Odessa. Goods customs clearance Korean car exactly like cars from any other country in the world.

Prices for cars from Korea

Depending on the model year and mileage, price on BU car from Korea compares favorably to the cost of Korean cars in Azerbaijan. In this respect, Korean car can even make a competition to cars of America and Europe. Approximate savings on cars from Korea compared to domestic prices counterparts in Azerbaijan, 15-25%.

AuctionAuto – an international group of companies that provide services of import cars from abroad. The group included well-known company AtlanticExpress Ukraine. AuctionAuto the main direction is a import car from the USA, Canada and Korea. The firm has offices in 5 countries. In Ukraine in 8 cities.

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