Cars from the USA – everything about what not to say aloud!

Cars from the USA – everything about what not to say aloud!


At the writing of this article, I knocked out a friend of mine who came up with the purchase of a car from the States. As it turned out, the last 4 years this trend is gaining momentum, cluttered with myths and legends, while the number of satisfied and dissatisfied customers is growing exponentially.

As an experienced journalist, I decided to approach this issue thoroughly, ordered all companies in the advertising results\SOC.networks\Youtube, studied the specifics of this business model (where you can throw a\which can be guarantee\how to protect yourself legally\where and what is the average pay), interviewed friends – whether to buy someone a car from the States, and whether such friends? As it turned out – there. And in such a company, after much thought and weighing the advantages, I asked.

I must say I decided not to write about all the companies with whom you spoke and those who did not pass the test on my checklist. The choice fell on those who successfully brought the car to one of my friends and in a happy coincidence, has earned the tick almost all check points. This will be further discussed.

PS how I came to employees, I kept silent. Decided to keep the intrigue, and said – what is seen on any forum.

– So, introduce yourself to our readers.

– Hello, my name is Maxim Ritrosky, I am 31 years old and the founder of the company A’s CARS, which helps people become happier, through the purchase of cars. Tested personally 🙂

– You are also buying a car in the States?

– This business started with the fact that I bought a car from the States. And how typical entrepreneur who was dissatisfied with the result and decided to improve something that could help many Ukrainians. But in General – Yes, during the existence of the company and it for 4 years personally changed 7 cars from the States.

As much as 7? It’s not bad for 4 years. Do you like to change cars?

– Here you are right 100%, I can’t live without a car, since the childhood was fond of them. I do like to try different cars, we all wanted to do test drives?) Oh and don’t forget that if you do everything correctly, then it can earn. I started with a Mini Cooper for his beloved wife, now I have a hybrid RAV4 2019.

– Cool! Why did you say that the first experience was negative?

– When faced with this kitchen, is not so simple. Always decisive for me was the service, the quality of service. I bought a start-up company, as it turned out – and not even the most conscientious. But never mind that, it’s all experience, and without it we would now not talked to. 4 years later I understand it perfectly, well their company ranks as one thinks right.

– It’s good that you raised this topic. Let’s move on to more serious matters, you said “unfair”, what do you mean?

– When buying cars from the USA, you run the risk of being cheated in many phases. It is only at first glance seems so – gave the money and bought it. In fact – it involves many parts, and each of them can be “unfair”. Logist internal (in the US), Logist external (from USA to Ukraine), broker, repairman, certifier, and even MPEG for you want to profit in. But the company is already a binding element, the organizer of this whole event, which can fool you. As a rule, it is the quality of his work will depend on the result.

– Give details that you “cheat”?

– If you don’t mind, I’m not going to name names of companies and people. But I will give you a few examples, this is my experience and our customers for 4 years. For a start, it all starts with the contract, which stipulates the conditions, duties and responsibilities. Many work without him, either under this agreement, where you, as a customer, nothing is obliged. Here I bought you a car, pay and go seek the truth, what happened to the defunct company. We are a registered company, you can find us and check – whether fines, any arrests, all of our obligations are clearly spelled out without the small text. The next item I would like to mention the calculation of the final cost. Our clients receive detailed calculation, which includes 17 points you see every dollar, where and why it is paid. Our customers sent us a picture of the calculation of the other companies, guess how many points? Some – three: the Commission, payments to States, payments in Ukraine. You know how many variations to cheat the buyer who does not understand the pricing? And the third, a very sensitive issue is the quality of the examination and evaluation of the car. You can always choose the first available car, which minimally complies with your request, to check on the eye, to promise a cheap repair and in the end to bring you a headache for the next six months, and then annually. I’m not talking about checking the history of the car, checking documents, verification of suitability for export, etc. Imagine you paid money for a service, paid for the car and it is not exportable?

It’s great that you brought up the topic of audits. When I was preparing for this interview I read an unreal amount of opinions about how people buy photo one and came more. Where are you and your managers have learned to check the car, why others do not?

– It’s difficult to answer you clearly, why others do not. Perhaps laziness, or maybe reluctance. I saw a calculation that customs clearance was calculated with an error, although its calculation is publicly available calculators represent. As for us, 4 years is dozens of trainings, tens full of cones and dozens of replacements contractors. Each employee before starting work to pass a 2-week training. As much as 2 weeks you are taught the features of the car, characteristics of the auction, inspections, documents – in General everything that will help you to avoid buying junk. Our company holds regular trainings, the children regularly go on STO and look at these cars in person, every employee understands how he works, we are not consultants – we are experts in our field. Each car is tested on a lot-step checklist, which we’ve honed over the years. The story, the presence of accidents, number of owners and the existence of debts on the documents, all it’s important to check. A mechanic who assesses the repairs to our clients for 20 years and restores cars. You know, the repair of “the mark” is not about him. Let me show you just a couple of examples of what you can buy, not being able to check(it’s really the same car):

– I see here all the cars expensive? If I want something more “folk“, should I worry?

– Alas, but it’s not. Budget options are also subject to fraud, for local outbid no matter the price segment. Only to buy cheaper, “podshamanit” and sell expensive.

– Tin is! The skill of fraud knows no boundaries. It turns out that I could buy a car without outside help, I need 4 years to fill the cones?

– Not really, I don’t know if you saw, but we launched a series of training webinars where we share our experience as it is, without hiding all the pieces and nuances. Actively developing the YouTube channel and all social media (our Telegram), where constantly share the latest information, take reviews on cars are live broadcasts and communicate with our audience in live mode. If you really decide to buy by yourself – all this is a “must have” to study. The boys will teach you how to buy, not to fly.

– Interesting, but I think there is a catch, why would you do that?

– In fact – there is no catch. Running the first webinar, we realized one thing – buy yourself it is unreal the difficult and thorny path. We’ll give you all the tools you will show and tell about all the chips will teach what, how and where to check. You really will be able to organize everything. But as practice shows, 9 out of 10 of our audience, then contact us so that we did it for them and for them. I will not hide, for us this is also an opportunity to find new partners, wholesale customers – our dealers.

– Tell us more? Who are the dealers, why should they, and you, can I become your dealer?

– As I said, the dealer is a wholesale client. If you’re actually interested avtotema, you know about the auctions, can check and do you have clients or just a lot of wishing to buy a car, it is a good source of income. We all teach. Do it all yourself, but under our supervision.

– Once touched – give the most interesting. Cars from the USA there are already quite a long time, companies only in Kiev – hundreds who bought the cars of people – thousands. Really, still, can this make?

– I guarantee! One need not look far. Take the example of Georgia, they have this theme running for more than 10 years, and is still relevant. About the European car market, I generally keep quiet. Again, if everything is done correctly and honestly for cars from USA, you can save well and make good money.

Well, the most important in our market as full of “outbid” and not bona fide sellers. Look what recently found my managers. The customer said he found the option that we have is the same as the version proposed by the Manager. I must admit, but blow, I think, clear to all:

Here’s a “chic” option to buy “in the secondary.” For those who don’t believe my eyes – will leave a link to the item Buying American, checking it properly, you can be sure that this will not buy.

But this is too much! How is this even possible to buy. I wonder what will diagnosis? Okay, this is a rhetorical question. I need urgent how much you can save today by buying American with Your help?

Not to be unfounded, will show specific examples are our actual purchases from our customers and not mere marketing. All the photos live, no pictures from the Internet or the port is either already in Ukraine:

Infinity QX50 2019 year in the maximum configuration – 26000$ with all the costs. Average market price – 38000$.

Atlas 2018 Volkswagen in the basic version, but the all-wheel drive – 17500$ with all the costs. Average market price is 30000$. By the way, the second option in the photo took friend of the client. It came out more expensive, but the equipment there was higher damage and less.

Ford Focus 2016 in 7200$, the average price on the market 8800$. He is still on the way, but after about a month and it will be possible to see live.

Volvo S80 2011 3, 304L.with., full drive – 8500$, we are now 14тыс. This car is another story altogether, we have it for 650 bucks for the company bought. In the end it is one of the staff and took.

2017 Nissan Rogue, bought for 3750$. By the way, also an employee bought. Repairs will be 13000$. On one of our stations now, and if you want to arrange a tour.

2018 Dodge Charger Daytone Edition 5.7 l HEMI is a miracle in process, photos from the client. Unreal car, up to 26000$ with the repair. We have 45тыс.

Volkswagen Jetta 2012 – 7250$ with all the costs. By the way, one of 10 cars for the customer, all for taxis.

And such another 700+ cars. As you can see, all different in class and price, and color… If it were not true – I agree, would not buy so much.

– Cool! If you don’t mind I ask 1 question, and we will finish. I saw You in the calculation of insurance. How much is needed and how it works? I have heard that many companies simply take the money and nothing to compensate.

– As far as you need it – everyone decides for himself. I’d rather give you a few facts that will help you to make a choice. The first thing to understand about the insurance – insurance companies broken car is not re-insure. We have personal agreements with our logistics partner, all our cars are insured against additional damage in transit. The second 2 out of 10 cars come with additional damage. It may be different damage such as: broken windshield, dented the hood or damaged the bumper. Without health insurance it costs of logistics. With insurance – no extra cost. If it is scratched or chipped, the insurance covers the cost of repairing, but if it’s a broken headlight, then the insurance covers the cost of lights. Whether our clients the money? Best of all you will tell the clients themselves.

– Thank you for taking the time. Perhaps you’d like to say something to our readers?

– Good to hear from you! Buying a car from the States is a gamble, but if approached correctly is an incredible experience and a wonderful opportunity to save money to buy exactly the car that he chose. Do not forget that the total mileage of American is 100% native (in the US is a criminal offense to wring mileage), the opportunity to choose exclusive equipment and unique marks not represented in the European market. If You could not decide – now is the time, and we will help in this. All the right decisions and cool shopping!

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