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Savings when buying hybrids from the USA – myth or reality?

Hybrid cars from the USA is a kind of transitional link between the machines with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles. Significant savings highlights the hybrids among the other cars. They have become popular over the past few years and this popularity is fully justified.

Interestingly, some cars immediately after purchase, lose their value. Therefore, more relevant to purchase a used car. You get almost a new car and a good will save. This is particularly profitable for those motorists who prefer hybrids. The difference between a new/used car of the same brand can vary from 20 000 to 25 000 dollars. As for hybrids, the difference is 11 000 – 14 000 dollars.

The build quality of the hybrid cars from the United States is at the highest level. The fact that the American car manufacturers, there is strong competition. The only thing that remains is to attract buyers low prices. Therefore, when you purchase a hybrid from the USA, the customer saves money, and can choose the car to personal preferences without any problems, as reported by the company.

In order to get the machine-a hybrid of America without twisting rates, it is best to give preference to a company that works directly with the auctions. The first sensational hybrid car was Toyota Prius. Now attention, many other cars, which will be discussed later.

The advantages of hybrid cars from the USA

The main advantages of hybrids are:

  • A significant reduction in fuel consumption. The cost of fuel from hybrids to 30% less than other machines. Therefore, the toxicity of hybrid cars is also much smaller. That is why auto hybrids from the USA is much more economical and cleaner in environmental terms than other types of machines.
  • During operation the noise level is mitigated.
  • Long service life the components of the regenerative braking system. It is noteworthy that at each brake application, the electric batteries are charged.
  • Hybrids have support systems and thoughtful design solutions that reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the environment (star-stop, and more).
  • For the daily operation of the hybrids are universal. The obvious fact is that hybrid cars do not need postanowi charging from the mains, they can refuel with gasoline.
  • The resale price has increased significantly. As gasoline becomes more expensive inevitably, a driver switching to a hybrid car. Therefore, the demand increases and the cost of the car. Even if the hybrid does not suit You, You will always be able to easily resell.

The types of hybrids

Depending on principle of operation and installation type cars hybrids are divided into:

  • Plug-in. The hybrid system consists of electric motor and internal combustion engine. For further recharging, it will need to connect to the grid. Considered to be the most economical hybrids, are actively used Toyota.
  • Combined. DVS is responsible for the front axle, the electric motor for the rear. Of course, we are talking about four-wheel drive models.
  • Serial. Has a weak efficiency. This is reflected in the indicators of further fuel consumption.
  • Series-parallel. Are the most elaborate installations. From the name it becomes clear that it is a combination of the combined system from coherent.

Rating auto hybrids – 2019

Modern and popular market American vehicles offers a great selection of hybrids. What are hybrid representatives are popular in 2019?

  • The Chevrolet Volt Hybrid. Without a doubt, is a great car having a hatchback. The main advantage of this car is that power 149 HP is enough for 60 km (city mode). However, for buyers there is still a significant disadvantage – not small the cost of the car.
  • The Ford Fusion Hybrid. Attract buyers very spacious interior, and also sports the original form. The car is quite affordable and in the future will be good to save on fuel.
  • Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid. Is one of the most popular hybrid station wagons. Power 215 HP
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid. Considered to be the best hybrid sedan. The security level is very high. In addition, the car is very economical in fuel consumption.
  • Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. Ideal for those motorists who are fond of free space. The sedan is very roomy and incredibly comfortable with enough expressive design.
  • The Lexus RX 450h. One of the best hybrid SUVs. It has a durable and high-quality Assembly. Appearance of this hybrid aggressive. Per 100 km consumption is about 9-10 l of fuel.
  • KIA Niro. A great option for city driving. The Korean SUV good work designers. Special attention is given to fuel consumption – 4 l, regardless of the type of the track. Charging the electric motor during descent or when braking.

So, if You decided to buy a car from US and are facing a dilemma definitely recommend you to give preference to hybrids, this type of cars can be viewed in the company of AMERICA MOTORS. Such investment will be justified and You will eventually see. In those cases, if the car does not suit you, You can at any time to resell.

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