Cars that will be collected by ZAZ

Cars that will be collected by ZAZ


The Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant has drawn up a production plan for 2022. It is planned to assemble several models of cars and buses of various modifications.

Next year, the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant plans to produce passenger models Kia and Groupe Renault, as well as bus vehicles under its own brand ZAZ. Dmitry Sklyarenko, press secretary of the Ukravto corporation, which owns ZAZ, told about this to 061.

“The passenger car lineup will consist of the Kia Rio sedan, Kia Rio X and Renault Arkana models. As for buses, the plant will continue to produce ZAZ A08 models, in school, suburban and city modifications, as well as a middle class bus ZAZ A10, “he said.

The Ukravto corporation also announced the completion of the certification of the model of the nine-meter ZAZ A09 bus built on the Mercedes-Benz chassis. An audit by Mercedes-Benz and the release of a pilot batch of this model is scheduled for next year.

After confirmation of compliance with Mercedes-Benz requirements, the bus can be produced under a German brand. ZAZ hopes that this will allow entering the markets of Europe, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

At the same time, Ukravto did not mention the Lada passenger models, which, thanks to the screwdriver assembly, could be imported for sale in Ukraine, bypassing the ban on the import of cars from. According to the Avtograd public, AvtoVAZ has not been shipping car sets to ZAZ for two months. The reasons for stopping the export are not specified.

Let us remind you that Lada has been assembled at ZAZ since the spring of 2020 within the framework of agreements with Groupe Renault, which is a co-owner of AvtoVAZ.

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