CarWash and MyCar: the best service to owners and customers of the car wash


Today the entry to the sink is a long and uncomfortable procedure. We have analysed the needs of drivers and owners of car washes, solved the problem and created a quick, useful and convenient car service. It is absolutely free and consists of two mobile applications: CarWash and MyCar. They combine the simple interface, beautiful design and many cool features.

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MyCar is a mobile app for online entries to the car wash with your smartphone or tablet. We designed it especially for drivers who value their time and prefer to spend it usefully, instead of waiting in the queue.

By installing the application on the gadget, the user will get a lot of advantages: easy to find the right wash to see the list of its services and the cost of the work, place your order at a convenient date and time. With other advantages (and there are many, trust us), You will see a link on the website mobile apps. Also there is a video guide that will help you easily and quickly understand the functionality.

Opportunities MyCar

  • a choice of any car in the set the map radius;
  • view the list of services (which can be single or complex);
  • the calculation of the cost of the work based on the type of the car body;
  • the opportunity to enroll in the sink online;
  • receiving notification that Your order is accepted and processed;
  • to view the rating and history of executed orders;
  • the ability to evaluate the performance, write a review, add a sink to your favorites.

What are the benefits for the driver

Thanks MyCar washing process machine, you can make a quick, comfortable and pleasant. The mobile app is already available for Android and iOS users. Recording is carried out with any device if you connect to the Internet without downtime in queues and asking questions.

Read more about CarWash

CarWash – is a convenient service for owners of car washes. With it, you can use all the features of accounting, control and process automation. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to bring your business to a new level. The app will help you to increase revenue, avoid unnecessary costs, attract new customers, to optimize and control the flow of money. All You need is to download, open and register!

To explore the characteristics of the CarWash, we offer you to follow the link on the website. You can watch the video manual and to appreciate its advantages.

Opportunities CarWash

  • automation of processes management and administration of the sink;
  • online entry, automatic notification about new orders;
  • the presence of the client base, effective integration of completed orders
  • the ability to add boxes and services (single, complex);
  • setting and calculation of the cost of the work based on the type of the car body;
  • generate reports for any time period (day, month, year);
  • the ability to add schedule, photos and administrators washing;
  • choose one of the three languages, advanced settings.

What are the benefits for a car wash

Our goal is to bring the Ukrainian service car washes to a new level and also improve customer confidence in it. Therefore, we propose to use all the benefits of the CarWash, including marketing tools, automation of processes, analytical data to visualize business performance, high security and so on.

The service is available for Android and iOS users from September 2019. At the moment they are actively using 10 car washes for the entire territory of Ukraine. And this is not the limit – daily join us new users.

Draw conclusions

Just imagine: no matter where You were, the necessary information can always be “at hand” in the smartphone, to be available at any time of the day. And this applies to both owners of the car wash, and car drivers. Very convenient! Those who are able to evaluate the quality of applications that do not understand how could do without them.

Our company aims at further development. Ahead of big plans: we will develop services tailored to our clients ‘ requirements, and add to the mobile app a large number of useful functions. Don’t miss them!

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